Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ha Ji Won talks about exercising for women

Actress Ha Ji Won recently revealed a few fun facts about exercising for women during an interview.

After the premiere of Ha Ji Won and Bae Doo Nah‘s new movie, ‘Korea’, Ha Ji Won held an interview with MBC TV’s ‘Good Day’.

During the interview Ha Ji Won was asked the question, “When will your muscles be able to take a break?” To this she answered with a smile, “In order to maintain youth, the right amount of muscle is always needed.”

She continued with, “Women actually need to do more strength training for their muscles. I have a lot of muscles because of my new film, but the right amount of training will help maintain youth.”

She then shyly stated, “It will also push up everything for a woman’s body“, causing the reporter to blush as well. 

By jae.lea.jung (AllKPop)

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