Sunday, July 31, 2011

[IMG] Sector 7 on CIne21 Cover

Cine21 magazine issue no. 815 featuring Ha Ji-won & Sector 7

PLUS new interview photos from Penta Press....

Saturday, July 30, 2011

[TWITTER] Sector 7 Special 3D Screening

This event started about an hour or so ago. The Sector 7 production is currently holding a special 3D screening of the movie and they are updating everyone real-time on Twitter!

Here are a few of them: (with my rough translations)

7월 30일과 개봉주에는 특별한 3D[7광구] 무대인사의 실시간 중계가 있을 예정입니다. 대원들 모두 트위터에 집중해주길 바랍니다. July 30, special stage (screening) for Sector 7 will be broadcast to you in real-time. I hope you all focus on Twitter!

대원들의 얼굴이 박힌 스페셜 엽서! 지금 코엑스 시네마브런치 현장에 있다면 꼭 챙겨받길!!

Special postcards with the faces of the cast members. Those on their way now to COEX Cinema, take your lunch and drive safe!

[NEWS] Ha Ji Won: " Marriage"? After 2-piece of action movie, she will start thinking about marriage

Actress Ha Ji Won (33) is still said no desire to marry. One of the interview on 28th July in a cafe-Dong-, Seoul. Ha ji won met with reporters, said, still married seems to be nice, not to feel the grunge accept the idea of marriage itself, that hardly any side.

Friday, July 29, 2011

[NEWS] Ha Ji Won says, “I’m hard on my brother”

Actress Ha Ji Won talked about her brother, Jeon Tae Soo. Jeon Tae Soo is taking a little time for self-restraint and self-reflection.

Ha Ji Won was asked about how her brother is doing and she replied, “He needs time to think about himself and realize what is the most important thing is for him as human being.”

[IMG] Interview Photos + BTS Photos from Sector 7 Presscon

New sets of interview photos from yesterday plus behind the scene pictures below! Enjoy!


Ha Ji Won was featured on TIME at alltv network in Canada along with Kang Dong Won, Jang Dong Gun and Ahn Seung Ki as they talked about Lee Myung Se, director of "Duelist".

[NEWS] Two Films, One Producer, A Box Office Fight

Both produced by Yoon Je-kyun, ‘Quick’ and the 3-D film ‘Sector 7’ will compete against each other to become Korea’s summer hit.

“Quick” and “Sector 7” may have many things in common, including the same budget of 10 billion won ($9.1 million) - nearly five times the average - and plots that touch upon issues rarely broached in Korean cinema, but they also share the same producer.

Yoon Je-kyun, the man behind both of the summer blockbusters, is the famed producer and director most well known for his 2009 hit “Haeundae.”

And despite their many shared characteristics, the two films are likely to duke it out this summer to attract more audiences.

“Quick” is an action-packed film about a motorcycle courier who becomes entangled in a plot to deliver bombs and “Sector 7” depicts the crew of an oil drillship that battles a sea monster that has been transformed by a virus.

Released last week, “Quick” was third at the box office as of Wednesday, lifted by its balanced mix of humor, heart-pounding explosions and motorcycle chases.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

[NEWS] Ha Ji Won, Kang Ye Won, and Olivia Wilde show off their action style

This summer, there are many blockbusters. Especially when there are actresses in a blockbuster.

Ha Ji Won, the Korean equivalent of Angelina Jolie, Kang Ye Won, and Olivia Wilde are the actresses. They are beautiful and sexy and they are ready to capture both men and women’s heart.

[IMG] Ha Ji Won Poses for an interview *NEW SET*

A lot of interview photos of our Jiwonie are being released right now. Again, we're still waiting for the English-translated version of those interviews. Meanwhile, enjoy these fantastic set of photos.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

[IMG] Ha Ji Won Poses for an interview *NEW PHOTOS ADDED*

These are very pretty sets of photos of our Jiwonie. Once the translated interview is out, will just add them to the blog. For now, enjoy these photos everyone! 

[NEWS] Ha Ji Won Attends "Sector 7" Press Conference

The press conference for the upcoming 3D sci-fi action movie "Sector 7" was held yesterday afternoon at CGV Wangsimni in Seoul.  Ha Ji Won, Oh Ji Ho, Ahn Sung Ki, and Park Chul Min, who star in the movie, attended the conference, as well as director Kim Ji Hoon. "Sector 7" is set on an oil drill ship out at sea, where the crew encounters an unknown creature.  Sounds exciting!  And definitely sounds like something that the fearless Ha Ji Won could handle.  Staying true to form, the actress showed off her toned figure in a strapless dress, which she paired with lots of chunky jewelry and hardcore shoes.  (Her hair appears to be growing out from the "Gil Ra Im" style!) Oh Ji Ho complemented his costar in a gray vest and white button-down.

Can't wait for the movie!

[NEWS] Oh Ji Ho talks about his kiss scene with Ha Ji Won

Actor Oh Ji Ho recently talked about acting alongside actress Ha Ji Won for the first time in his career.

On July 26th, the actor attended a press conference for the movie ‘Sector 7‘ and stated, “This was a movie in which the harmony between all the actors was the best.”

[BLOG] Movie Premiere Review of “Sector 7″

Back in the 70′s Sector 7 was an actual site between Korea and Japan, where experts claimed more than ten times the amount of natural gas and oil produced in Saudi Arabia would be underwater. The area’s been a hot potato back then, but now more has turned to a forgotten place, a perfect place to start a scenario. That’s how this summer’s most sensational blockbuster, and Korea’s first IMAX 3D film “Sector 7″ began.

[IMG] Sector 7 VIP Premiere (07.26.11)

Some of the stars who came to the VIP preview were Jang Hyuk (Midas) who was the actor that was suppose to play Kim Joo Won at first on Secret Garden which later on landed to Hyun Bin (See related article here),

[BLOG] Ha Ji Won will be like Angelina Jolie of Korea

It is announced that Ha Ji Won will participate a movie by director Jang Cheol Soo, ‘Hi Anna’ after ‘Korea’ on 25th of March. The details of when to start filming is to be determined, after the completion of ‘Korea’.
Director Jang Cheol Soo is most famous for his movie ‘Bedevilled’, a well acclaimed movie from 2010. Though it is only the first movie Jang has directed, ‘Bedevilled’ has won various awards in many movie events, such as Best of Bucheon, Best new director, Best actress and the list just goes on and on.

This team is sure something to look out for, a talented best new director Jang Cheol Soo, with talented and the most versatile actress, Ha Ji Won.
In ‘Hi Anna’, Ha Ji Won will play a warrior who fights in a city alone. The producer /director Yoon Jae-kyun who has worked with Ha Ji Won many times, claims Ha Ji Won will be like Angelina Jolie of Korea in this movie.

By ninja16 

[NEWS+IMG] Ha Ji Won recalls her movie ‘Sector 7′ as hard and lonely work

Actress Ha Ji Won talked about her hard time shooting the movie Sector 7.
At 2 p.m. on the 26, her movie Sector 7 held a press conference in CGV, located in Wangsimni, Seoul.

At the press conference, Ha Ji Won said, “Shooting the movie was tough because I had to fight with a monster. When I had to fight alone, I was really lonely.”

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

[NEWS] Many dramas began to rerun where Ha Ji Won starred before the release of Sector 7

Another craze for Ha Ji Won is expected.

Before the release of the movie Sector 7 that Ha Ji Won acted in, the drama Secret Garden started to rerun on a cable channel Olive due to the viewer’s demand.

Secret Garden is a drama where Ha Ji Won gained popularity by acting as a stuntwoman. The drama started to rerun to captivate the viewers and give high anticipations for the upcoming movie Sector 7.

[NEWS] Historic World Championships Hits the Big Screen

On Monday, 27th July 1953, a country and its culture were formally ripped apart. 

It was the day that the countries North Korea and South Korea came to be, separated at the infamous 38th Parallel.

However in 1991, the sport of table tennis brought hope and inspiration to Koreans worldwide. It was a moment in time that many will never forget.

“Korea”, the movie coming to theatres early next year, is based on the true story of the South Korean and North Korean Women’s Table Tennis Teams combining forces at the World Table Tennis Championships in Chiba, Japan.

Monday, July 25, 2011

TOP 10 Gil Ra Im Moments (Results)

Hey everyone, results are out! These are the TOP 10 Gil Ra Im Moments that you nominated and voted for the last couple of days! (Poll ended - July 24th) I know it's a little tough to choose just 10 from all those scenes because, like everyone kept saying, all of them were great!

[IMG] Sector 7 on Facebook - New Stills Added!

Sector 7's Official Facebook page recently released four (4) new stills from the movie.

[MOVIE] The Duelist (2005)

THE DUELIST (형사) - 2005

A tomboyish detective by the name of Nam Sun (Ha Ji Won, from Love So Divine and Phone) who ends up being assigned to investigate a case revolving around some counterfeit coins. Going deep undercover in a variety of diverse disguises, Nam Sun quickly finds herself chasing after a notorious assassin named Sad Eyes (Kang Dong Won, from Too Beautiful to Lie and Romance of Their Own), who just may be involved in the crime she's investigating.

Ha Ji-won as Detective Namsoon
Kang Dong-won as Gu Jang Gon
Ahn Sung-ki as Detective Ahn
Song Young-chang as Minister Song Pil-joon
Yoon Joo-sang as Bong-chool
Do Yong-goo
Shim Cheol-jong
Bae Joong-sik as Detective Bae
Hwang Eui-doo as Detective Hwang
Jang In-bo as Detective Jang

Friday, July 22, 2011

VOTE for your TOP 10 Gil Ra Im Moment!

Your nominated scenes are in! Based on your nominations plus a couple of mine, there are 40 scenes (whoa!) all in all for you guys to choose from. Now its time to list the TOP 10 Memorable Gil Ra Im Moment from Secret Garden. Tell us your 10 picks from all the nominated scenes below...

[IMG] Photos from HotStar and Movie Week Magazines

"Hot Star" DongA magazine, Aug 1, 2011 issue

Thursday, July 21, 2011

[NEWS] Gil La-im, Ha Ji-won looks like a goddess even with overalls

A steal cut of 3D action blockbuster "Sector 7" was revealed.

In the picture, we can see the teamwork the actors and actresses are putting in together.

Park Cheol-min is trying to liven up the atmosphere of the shooting set with props for those who are exhausted from all the work and Ha Ji-won hasn't lost her smile.

[ONLINE VOTING] 2011 Seoul Int'l Drama Awards

Ha Ji Won has been nominated for Best Actress on the upcoming 2011 Seoul International Drama Awards

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

[LIST] TOP 10 Gil Ra Im Moments *CLOSED*

Let's do something fun. :) I've always wanted to make a "Top 10..." video of "Gil Ra Im moments" from (I'm pretty sure) EVERYONE's favorite Korean drama Secret Garden. I thought, instead of making a video based only on my opinion, it would be much more fun to include yours! So go nominate your favorite "Gil Ra Im moment" from the show. It could be really funny scene, a serious one or even an action scene-- all nominations will be accepted till July 21st. Then I will let you guys vote on what scenes will be included on our "Top 10..." list!

Note: If you can include the episode number of your nominated "Ra Im Scene", please do so. If not, that's totally fine. Please make sure the scenes are not just Joo Won-Ra Im moments. We can always make a separate "Top 10..." list for that! :) Post your nominations through the COMMENTS Section/Shoutbox or on Facebook!

[BLOG] 10 Idols Who Still Look Hot After 30

“Thirty, flirty and thriving.” Being 30, brings you up at a whole new level, let it be your maturity or the wrinkle lines, a 30 year old’s lifestyle is very much different. It is the peak in one’s life where there are many negative downfalls but with that said it comes with a bundle of positive aspects.

For some, 13 feels like it was just yesterday. But the reality has it, being 30 is quite difficult. It really does take a toll on your appearance and figure. However there are some exceptions. Here I present you a compilation of the 10 hottest idols that have appropriately taken care of themselves as they reach the golden age of 30!

me2day: More Photos of Jiwonie in Saipan

Photos of Jiwonie's scuba diving training/certification were posted on her me2day account. There's probably an article that will soon come up about this. I will just edit this post once the English-translated article is out! :)


Update on US 1023.
The Korean 1023 agreed to letting us start an international fan club! So I have lifted the country restriction off of the facebook page, and everyone can join. Yay~
However, they are not willing to call us an official branch of 1023.
We will still keep close contact with 1023 headquarters.
Please help us create a large, close-knit group of Ha JiWon supporters so we can be recognized internationally! ^^

[NEWS] Ha Ji-won's bike action... possessed as Gil La-im?

Actress Ha Ji-won is attempting at bike action.
Playing the role of Hae-joon in the movie "Sector 7", Ha Ji-won is a female warrior like never seen before and she will display various actions.

Ha Ji-won will be doing bike action that is even difficult for men to do and convey thrilling enjoyment.

Hae-joon is a character who maneuvers her bike like an expert that she even races her bike on the deck of the oil ship with Dong-soo (Oh Ji-ho).

Ha Ji-won also obtained a motorbike license to transform into a perfect Hae-joon.

With her outstanding athletic talents, she obtained the license in a week and went on a bike tour to get rid of her fear of riding a bike. She went through so many rehearsals that she was even mistaken for a stuntwoman.

[IMG] Added Stills from Sector 7 Official Website

[NEWS] Ha Ji-won in diving suit

Actress Ha Ji-won is wearing a diving suit and is about to dive into the water while getting training.
a picture of herself on her Me2day on the 17th saying, "Thorough checking of equipment before diving! I'm coming ocean! Bold and brave like Hae-joon from "Sector 7".

In the picture, she is wearing a diving suit. She isn't wearing make up and the way she is slightly leaning forward makes her look cute.

Meanwhile, Ha Ji-won received diving lessons from Cool's Lee Jae-hoon. "Sector 7" a movie about a crew on the oil drill ship 'Eclipse' fighting with an unknown creature in the middle of the sea will be released on the 4th of August.

From Hancinema
Source: News Nate (Korean)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Message From the Cast of Sector 7!

The cast of "Sector 7" thank everyone who have shown their support for the movie. This message was uploaded on <Sector 7>'s Official Facebook Page. Send them your words of encouragement and you might be one of the lucky winners on their "Sector 7 - Special Edition". Head on to their official fanpage for more details.

Sector 7
Video uploaded by kitlandju on YouTube

[SUB] YStarChannel - Sector 7 Showcase (070711)

This is YStarChannel's cover of Sector 7's Showcase event last July 7.
Translations: starcandii
Hardsubbed: ps3hl

Watch Online:


[NEWS] Films on wide range of sports to hit local screens

Actress Ha Ji-won (left) watches a local table tennis tournament with former national player Hyun Jung-hwa. Ha has been cast in the role of Hyun for the film “Korea,” about the unified South Korea-North Korea table tennis team at the 1991 world championships. The film is set to open later this summer. (Yonhap News) 
"Ha Ji-won, a multiple award-winning star of blockbuster films, has been cast as Hyun Jung-hwa, the top South Korean player at the championships and an Olympic gold medalist. Bae Doo-na, another veteran, will be Li Bun-hui, the North Korean star and Hyun’s doubles partner in Chiba City."

Thursday, July 14, 2011

[DRAMA] Life is Beautiful (2001)


KBS Miniseries drama (2001) - 16 episodes
Aired in Korea: May 14, 2001-July 3, 2001
Aired on KBFD-TV: 6/18/01- 8/7/01

Yu Hee-jung (lead actress): Ha Ji Won
Lee Jae-min (lead actor): Kim Rae Won
Yu Su-jung (Hee-jung's older sister): Yoon Hae Young
Oh Choon-ku: Jung Bo Suk
Park Mi-sook (likes Jae-min): Yang Mi Ra
Nam Jung-woo (teacher/Su-jung's friend): Yoo Joon Sang
Chairman Yu (Hee-jung's father): Kim Mu Saeng

Chairman Yu is a tycoon who owns multiple hotel chains. He decides to hand his business down to his impulsive younger daughter, Hee-jung, who studied hotel management in Switzerland. His older daughter, Su-jung, is a concert pianist.

Hee-jung learns the business by starting at the bottom in the P.R. Department. She has a deep emotional scar from an incident where her first boyfriend was killed trying to save her life.

[NEWS] 3-D blockbuster to exhibit Korean CG-galore

Actress Ha Ji-won, one of the leading female action stars in Korea, began tearing up as she talked about her filming experience, which included long hours of weight training, swimming and motorcycle lessons, as well as wire actions. “It really was extremely challenging,” Ha said. “I think I was able to go through it because of my fellow actors who were very kind to me throughout the process.”

[NEWS] "Sector 7" Ha Ji-won, Charisma

The heroine of 3D action blockbuster "Sector 7", Ha Ji-won's charismatic poster has been revealed.

Ha Ji-won in the poster has sturdy arms holding a gun and sharp eyes that might penetrate the opponent.

Ha Ji-won raised muscles that don't make her look weak while fighting an unknown sea creature in the role of Hae-joon and she also got a license for motorbikes to be able to perform bike actions well.

REQUEST - Hyun Bin's TvN Taxi Appearance with English Subs

We've been getting a lot of requests to translate Hyun Bin's interviews (yes, I do read the shoutbox~ >.<) most especially his appearance on TvN's TAXI. I think most of you only saw the 1st part uploaded on YouTube. Here are the rest of the interview with English subs.

Special thanks to kjkfan7 for the links. Enjoy!

Part 1

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

[IMG] “Sector 7″ Making Their Way To The Top!

The first Korean film to come out in 3D, “Sector 7″ is already on its way to be crowned on top of the box office before its tickets are sold in theaters.

After their first showcase and premiere, the film already topped all portal sites’ searching-ranks proving its predicted success. Errr, I can’t wait until August 4th !!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

[IMG] HQ Photos from Sector 7 Showcase

Here are some additional photos for everyone from the showcase held last 07/07.

Images credit to f927 & DCGALL / Sector 7 Facebook / as labeled.