Wednesday, August 31, 2011

[IMG] New "Korea" BTS Photos!!

We got new behind the scene photos of Jiwon from her upcoming movie "Korea"

Credit to DCGall
Shared by hudson

"Sector 7" to End its Run in Local Theaters

"Sector 7" (directed by Kim Ji Hoon), the most anticipated summer blockbuster this year, is ending its run less than four weeks since it premiered in local theaters.

According to the Korean Film Council's box-office database, "Sector 7" was shown in just six screens in Korea on Aug 29th and have accumulated a total of 2,237, 811 viewers so far.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ha Ji Won designs Secret Jeans

Actress Ha Ji Won tries her hand at fashion design as art director for a fashion brand. Ha ji won worked with the women’s clothing brand, Crocodile Ladies and helped design Secret Jeans. A commercial for the company will be released in September.

Ha Ji Won loves jeans and she was interested in fashion and design, so she was happy to join the project to make Secret Jeans.

In the commercial, Ha Ji Won will appear as an art director. She worked hard designing jeans that specifically suit the Korean female body type. She wore Secret Jeans in the commercial and showed a variety of styles that compliment the jeans.

She says, “The jeans are very special to me because they are the first fashion item that I have ever designed.”

Secret Jeans have polished colors and a slim fit. You can wear them with a leather jacket or a trench coat.

Source: Newsen from Nate

Monday, August 29, 2011

"Sector7" 733 screens to 7 pratically finished

Kim Ji-hoon's movie "Sector7" is actually about to be over.

According to the Korean Films Commission on the 26th, "Sector7" is being shown on 7 screens. It started with 733 screens on the 4th but is about to be put down in a month.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Ha Ji Won for AAF for Asics Junior Mentor Program

August 24, Daegu - Ha Ji Won was appointed honorary coach to Association of Athletics Federations for Asics Junior Mentor Program where she will serve for a year until next year's Olympic Game in London. Way to go Jiwonie!! :)

Dong-A Ilbo Magazine, Hot Star featuring Ha Ji-won

This was published August 1, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

[Star Says] Ha Ji-won almost broke teeth kissing Jo In-seong

Ha Ji-won, "I almost broke my teeth kissing Jo In-Seong as our teeth hit each other".

In the interview for SBS Morning Wide on the 23rd Ha Ji-won reveals the behind story for drama "Something Happened in Bali".

Monday, August 22, 2011

Ha Ji Won reunites with ‘What Happened in Bali’ costars on ‘Morning Wide’

On August 23rd, the cast members of SBS’s hit drama, ‘What Happened in Bali‘, will be coming together for the first time in seven years for SBS’s morning talk show, ‘Morning Wide‘.

At the recording, Ha Ji Won – who played the love interest of Jo In Sung and So Ji Sub in the drama — said, “When I first received the drama’s script, I couldn’t understand my character, so I had a hard time focusing on my acting. I think out of all of the characters I’ve taken on so far, she was the most unique.”

Cha Tae Hyeon: "Why I'm so sorry to Ha Ji-won..."

Actor Cha Tae-hyeon expressed his apologies to actress Ha Ji-won.

MBC TV "Section TV" showed an interview with actor Cha Tae-hyeon on the 21st.

While watching his past videos, when the movie "BA:BO" came by he said, "I am sorry to Ha Ji-won because I asked her to cast in the movie personally but it failed. That was the first and last time, after that, I never ask her again".

About not having a single scandal with beautiful actresses Jeon Ji-hyeon, Son Ye-jin, Seong Yoo-ri, Song Hye-kyo and more, he said, "I don't think they think of me as an opposing actor. I never drew a line, they did".

Also, about Seong Yoo-ri's recent claim that she only kept in contact with Cha Tae-hyeon from their movie "First Love of a Royal Prince" he induced laughter by saying, "Is it really just me? Yoo-ri, why did you live your life like that?"

When he was asked who he wanted to act with he said, "I am not picky. If Sin Se-kyeong, Park Min-yeong and Lee Min-jeong say OK then I am always ready. But I guess they would prefer to act with a single man and not me".

Source: News Nate

EXPLOSION OF GENUINE ACTION CHARISMA - in-depth interview with Sector 7's Ha Ji Won

[Sector 7] is a movie that belongs to Ha Ji Won, for Ha Ji Won, by Ha Ji Won. And the girl knows it too. A movie that had been one of Ha Ji Won’s goals, as she climbed up the drillship of [Sector 7]. This ”Strongest Lady to the Max’, never been seen before in Korean movies. How she has a face-off with a monster as she stands on the drillship, an island towering above the vast sea, like a precipitous cliff above nothingness, above all expectations that all audience have of her. “That woman will definitely destroy that monster!” To become the warrior girl Cha Hae Joon, Ha Ji Won said “I did everything I could”. Just looking at her wearing her loose-fitting drillship clothes, one figures as much. She spent 7 months to train her body, earn a biking license and become a certified scuba diver, to convince viewers that even her muscles are firmer than men. She’s amazing? This, is just the beginning.

Interview with Ha Ji Won in Sector 7

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fashion: Ha Ji Won at Sector 7 Press Premiere

Actress Ha Ji Won (하지원) attended the press premiere and conference of 'Sector 7 (7광구)' held at CGV Wangshipri in Seongdong, Seoul on July 26, 2011.

The actress opted for a lovely blue printed dress from Elizabeth & James Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Styling the Charlotte dress with H.R accessories and a pair of black booties from Ash. 

Credit to Eiffel in Seoul

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ha Ji Won leaves an inspiring post on her Twitter

Actress Ha Ji Won has recently been gaining a lot of attention after tweeting a very inspiring post on her Twitter. Recently she has been causing much laughter by uploading sets of photos each day. On August 15th, she finally ended up uploading a more ‘Proper’ picture. Along with the picture she tweeted, “Hehe I am finally standing. Totally ^^”.

The pictures shows herself happily posing at the camera while making a graffiti on the wall three-dimensional.

She continued saying, “I am looking forward to the new atmosphere, fragrance, feel, and events that may come with tomorrow. For today, let’s play in our completely exciting dreams. Should I try to reach the sky?” For this message made many smile with happiness and gratefulness of her childish but inspiring message.

Netizens then responded, “Ah, Ha Ji Won unnie is too cute,” “She seems really positive,” and, “She leaves a chic impression, so why do I find her so cute?”

From: Ningin

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ha Ji Won's New Olay CF

There's a new OLAY CF released featuring Ha Ji Won. Check out this 15-sec video clip plus some HQ photos/screenies of the CF! Enjoy!


Movie "Sector 7" Breaks 2 Million Viewers

Seems that the starring cast of Ha Ji-won, Ahn Sung-gi, and Oh Ji-ho can pat themselves on the back. In just 11 days after the 3D version of the domestic movie "Sector 7" was released, already 2 million people have flocked to the theatres to see it.

According to the Korean Film Commission's figures on ticket sales, the Kim Ji-hoon-directed movie attracted 191,120 people in the 488 theatres currently playing the movie this past weekend (August 13-14). This has ranked it at fifth place at the box office.

That figure combined with the previous ones since the August 4th premiere of "Sector 7" has broken past the 2 million mark: 2,031,181 to be exact.

Photo by TVReport
News by KBS World

[IMG] Ha Ji Won for Movieweek + Magscans added!

Magazine Scans for Movieweek....

Um Jung Hwa praises Actress Ha Ji Won of ‘Sector 7′

Acress Um Jung Hwa has only high praises for fellow actress Ha Ji Won.

Um Jung Hwa tweeted on the 14th, “Sector 7‘s Ha Ji Won, an actress who shines on every occasion! I always knew she was a hell of a committed actress, but even so I couldn’t have pulled off the motorcycle scene. Fighting”.

This was basically Um Jung Hwa’s movie tweet review and as you can see she’s really enjoyed the movie. 

The Netizens commented to her tweet, “Humble Um Jung Hwa”, “I think Um Jung Hwa would have done a fine job as well”, “Um Jung Hwa and Ha Ji Won, both of them are Korea‘s top actresses”. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

[IMG] Sector 7 Cast Theatre Appearances (updated)

Ha Ji Won, Ahn Sung Ki, Director Kim Ji Hoon and writer-nim Yoon Je Kyoon promotes Sector 7 in over (9?) theaters yesterday, August 7. They said the movie had reached over 1 MILLION viewers (and still counting) already!! Congrats Sector 7!! Fighting!

Updated: Aug. 15
August 14 theater tour....

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Behind the Scene Photos for Upcoming CF

Apparently, Ha Ji Won will be appearing on a new CF sometime soon. I read from the Int'l 1023 FB that it was for ASICS, a popular brand of running shoes and other sports apparel. Here are some behind the scene photos of her (filming this upcoming CF?)


(Click image to see original size)

Photos from Ha Ji Won's tvN Interview

Some photos from the recent tvN interview of our Jiwonie which will be aired Aug. 14. :)

Sector 7: Ha Ji Won, "People Said that My Character Was Scarier Than the Monster"

Through “Sector 7Ha Ji Won confessed that she wanted to try and show a female warrior that was as good as Hollywood actresses. Ha Ji Won appeared on “Baek Ji-Yeon’s People Inside” that will be broadcast on August 14th.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Midnite Interview: Oh Ji Ho and Ha Ji Won

This was shared by hudson from Soompi:

"Interview with Mr. Cho  Young Gu on D Midnite Celebrities news on July 26th
Mr. CYG asked who  is Oh Ji Ho's ideal woman. He said Ha Ji Won. Before that, CYG said that his ideal  woman was someone else; however, he has changed to Ha Ji Won.
Again, CYG  asked HJW between Oh Ji Ho & Hyun Bin, who is her ideal man. She said, "I like  both." CYG asked her to say some greeting words to HB. She said, "during the hot weather, you're working so hard. Thus, if you have  time, watch Sector 7 with other soldiers to be cool. Good bye."


Note: lags too much on my end so I'm not able to see this video but still, for those of you out there, it might work.

Ha Ji Won says she got an IV when she was shooting ‘Sector 7′

Actress Ha Ji Won appeared on tvN’s Baek Ji Yeon’s People Inside,  and talked about several episodes when she was shooting the movie Sector  7.

Ha said, “In the movie, the character that I played only wears one  clothes but actually I wore thirty different size clothes for my stunt  performances.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ha Ji Won - Twitter Newbie

This was posted on International 1023 Facebook. Ha Ji Won was featured on a Korean newspaper... cute. :)

Headline says:
" Ha Ji Won joins Twitter for Sector7; Can tell she's a newbie by her blurry photo"

Photo shared by: Szemin Sim 
Headline translations by Julia Kim

JiWonie on Twitter - Profile Photos

Those of you who are pro'lly on guard on Twitter ever since our Jiwonie started her personal account, might have noticed how often she changes her profile photo. And since almost all of us have no idea what she's saying, I personally decided to just entertain myself with her little dilemma here. Who's with me?! :)

UPDATED: August 10

As I predicted, we have another one to add to our collection. LOL! A few minutes ago, JiWonie was on Twitter again and yes, you guessed it right... she has a new profile photo! So cute~


HaHa, publicly love calls Ha Ji-won

HaHa (Ha Dong-hoon) openly love-called to Ha Ji-won.

On his Twitter HaHa (Ha Dong-hoon) posted, "I am taking pictures for my mini reggae album tomorrow. I am remaking Koonta and New Orleans' "Rosa" and I need a Rosa. Is there anyone who will be my Rosa? All you need to do is put in about an hour tomorrow beautiful Rosa. No jokes".

Ha Ji Won talks about new movie “Sector 7,” acting, and role models

Actress Ha Ji Won has appeared on the CNN website under ‘CNNGo Seoul,’ focusing on Asian entertainment and lifestyles, where she was interviewed about her 3D action blockbuster, “Sector 7″.

Ha Ji Won explained her character in the movie as, “A warrior who is tougher than men.”

Ha Ji Won-Kim Ha Neul: The Queens’s Battle for this Summer


Since August 4th “Sector 7″ has been released and recorded big hit on first weekend and become the first place on Korea’s box office chart. But the real battle hasn’t begin until tomorrow (August 8th), Kim Ha Neul’s thriller movie “Blind” has officially released.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ha Ji Won Writes Personal Letter to Fans for Supporting “Sector 7”

Ha Ji Won tweeted a special handwritten letter to her fans on August 8th, regarding her blockbuster movie, “Sector 7.” With a scanned image of the letter, the star actress tweeted, “Last weekend we had stage events in Daegu and Busan for ‘Sector 7.’ Although I was so busy with the events, I wrote a few sentences for you guys, so please take a look~Because of the hurricane, there’s a lot of rain and winds, but I hope everyone’s safe. I’ll try to be more active on twitter too!”

[NEWS] Ha Ji-won "Thanks for supporting 'Sector 7'"

 Actress Ha Ji-won sent her appreciation to fans.

Ha Ji-won personally wrote a message on the 9th saying, "We've run all this way listening to good and bad things for "Sector 7". There were worries but it feels good to see audiences enjoying the movie in theaters".

She continued, "I thank you all for the love and support. I hope it becomes an exciting movie".

She created a Twitter account to show her appreciation and posted pictures of her stage appearance from out of town.

Meanwhile, "Sector 7" is about the crew of an oil ship the 'Eclipse' fighting with an unknown creature in the middle of the sea.

Source: News Nate

Monday, August 8, 2011

[NEWS] Ha Ji Won...Did you write a letter to Hyun Bin?

Does Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin still have  contact with each other?

Currently Sector 7 is being shown in Theatres  and she is also concentrating in shooting her new movie, what has she  got to say?
Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin has both starred in the SBS  drama Secret Garden. This drama has gained 20% - 30% ratings and the  audience love it. Ha Ji Won’s role as a stunt woman, Gil Ra Im  and Hyun  Bin’s role is a CEO of a Shopping Mall, Kim Joo Won.

Hyun Bin was  enlisted in MS in early march, did you write to each other? Ha Ji Won  smiled and replied,
“Why write letters? Fans are using internet.” For  the famous Ha Ji Won, her relationships with her colleagues are good,  looks like she will have her ways.

JiWonie finally joins Twitter!!

Ha Ji Won joins Twitter (@hajiwon1023) and she's kinda having a hard time picking out her official profile photo! Here are some of her chosen selca so far... :)

[BLOG] 10 Poor, but bold and courageous, girls of Korean dramas

A while back, we showed you all 11 things that always show up in Korean dramas. One of the most popular you guys saw was the recurring rich boy, poor girl theme. Since you’ve already seen the top 10 millionaire ‘bad boys.’ Now, here are 10 poor, but spunky, girls in Korean dramas. They lived hard lifes but overcame their struggles to become some of our favorite Korean dramas.

[NEWS] "Sector 7" drives through 1,000,000 in 3 days

Movie "Sector 7" broke through 1,000,000 viewers in 3 days, running first in place in the Box Office.
The accumulated number until 6PM on the 7th is 1,050,342 and it made sure the negative evaluation in the movie preview was put to shame.

Sector 7 Currently #1 on Korean Box Office!!

Congratulations Sector 7!!

Interview: Ha Ji-won and Korea's first 3D movie

Korea's biggest action star says she misses melodramas and romantic comedies 
By Hyo-won Lee 8-August-2011

Despite her new tomboyish image, Ha Ji-won is still a girly girl inside.

Groundbreaking 3D IMAX visuals, successful international sales and highly criticized story aside, action flick “Sector 7,” which opened this past weekend, has quickly become the film du jour for creating a new archetype for Korean female screen personas.

To date, Korean cinema has remained largely conservative in terms of female leads, largely in the manner of 1950s Hollywood. Women are usually portrayed as either an asexual Audrey Hepburn or a sultry Marilyn Monroe, with a small gray zone for a few quirky, intelligent Katharine Hepburn types.

[IMG] Interview Photos from Movist and Star in

Who said there were no more interview photos of our amazing yeoja? Here's a few more... pretty as always. :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ha Ji Won on the Cover of Movieweek.

Movieweek Issue #490 featuring Ha Ji Won.
Available at GMarket.

[IMG] Ha Ji Won at Daegu for Sector 7 (update)

Ha Ji Won went to Daegu yesterday for Sector 7. Here are some of the photos taken by fans and some behind the scenes from S7_captain.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

[IMG] Sector 7 Preview

This event took place yesterday, August 5 KST.

[NEWS] "Sector 7" brings in 230,000 viewers on first day

Ha Ji-won, Ahn Seong-gi and Oh Ji-ho's blockbuster movie "Sector 7" drew in 230,000 audiences despite its late release in the evening.

According to The Film Data Statistics, "Sector 7" gathered 232,810 audiences until 6 PM in the evening of the 5th from the 4th.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

[IMG] HQ Photos of Sector 7 on Cine21

Some of the HQ photos from the Cine21 magazine featuring the main casts of Sector 7.