Tuesday, July 31, 2012

[Other] Ha Ji-won’s brother did not commit suicide

On July 28, the internet was buzzing with scandal that actor Jun Tae-su, brother of actress Ha Ji-won, would commit suicide.
The fiasco was unleashed when someone had hacked into Jun’s Twitter account and declared, “I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to shine as an actor, especially sorry toward my managers.”
The hacker added, “It’s okay to go and write about this, I’ll just be dead.”

Jun’s agency said that the actor had misplaced his phone a few days ago and that it had alerted the cyber crime investigation police to find the perpetrator.

Meanwhile, Jun had been filming a Chinese drama and returned to Korea on July 5.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Ha Ji Won and Lee Yeon Hee for SK II

SK II 이연희 에세이 무비 4편: 멘토 하지원. 
SK II Lee Yeon Hee Essay Movie EP 4: 

Rough translation: 
Lee Yeon Hee met her mentor which is Ha Ji Won gives her advice in her new drama. Lee Yeon Hee who wants to be like Ji Won. Ha Ji Won said, "I was surprised that Lee Yeon Hee would play action in the new drama as a police officer. It's always hard when you try something for the first time. But I recommend you that you enjoy your work to satisfy what you are doing. It's important to listen other people's opinions, but you will find out that you are really brave yourself if you trust yourself." (cr: sjmorales30@soompi)

Videos of Ha Ji Won from PiFan Event

Friday, July 20, 2012

Photos from Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan)

Ha Ji Won, Lee Je Hoon, Park Hae Il and More at PiFan’s Red Carpet

Movie stars galore dropped by the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan), which started on July 19, and boldly walked its red carpet.

Some came in pairs while others came alone, but regardless of whether they were escorted or not, all of them certainly managed to shine in a stunning array of dresses and suits fit for the occasion.

PiFan is in its 16th year and will continue for 10 days until July 29 in Bucheon (Puchon).

CJ E&M enewsWorld Erika Kim

Monday, July 16, 2012

Ha Ji Won sends a love call to Ha Jung Woo

Actress Ha Ji Won has caught the attention of viewers on the latest broadcast of KBS‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘, for sending a sweet love call to actor Ha Jung Woo.

During the July 14th broadcast, the actress, who’s known for having luck in working with the right male partners, was asked whether she had any male actors in mind whom she wanted to work with in the past. To this, Ha Ji Won answered, “I’ve always wanted to work with Ha Jung Woo.”

The reporter then spotted a few similarities regarding the two, as they both have a similar name and are also of the same age. When asked to send a video message to the actor, Ha Ji Won blushed and faced the camera to leave a short message saying, “Hello. Please view me nicely.”

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Vote for Ha Ji Won for 2012 Seoul Drama Awards


Ha Ji Won Lectures Fans about Herself at Special Event

By Park, HyunMin | CJ E&M enewsWorld

Ha Ji Won had a good time with her fans from inside and outside the country.

On June 24, Ha Ji Won met with 350 members of her official fanclub in Seoul for a birthday event and talk session.

Her fans prepared the fanmeeting and a special video to thank Ha Ji Won for her hard work in the film Korea and MBC’s The King 2Hearts. The head of the fanclub even hosted the event.

Ha Jung Woo, Ha Ji Won and Lee Je Hoon to Win Awards at ′PiFan′

By Oh, MiJung | CJ E&M enewsWorld

Ha Jung Woo, Ha Ji Won, Lee Je Hoon and Min Hyo Rin will be winning awards at the 16th Pucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan).

On July 13, PiFan announced that Ha Jung Woo and Ha Ji Won had been chosen for the Producer’s Choice Award, an award given by top producers, and that Lee Je Hoon and Min Hyo Rin had been chosen for the Fantasia Award, an award given by Pucheon citizens.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ha Ji Won on 2012 S/S Asics G1 Catalogue

Scanned and uploaded by maccay419.

Ha Ji Won on High Cut Magazine

Photos taken and uploaded by maccay419.

Ha Ji Won for Harper's Bazaar Magazine

Photos taken and uploaded by maccay419.

Ha Ji Won for KEB 2X (more photos added)

KEB 2X is Jiwon's latest endorsement. 
Here are some of the recently released CFs and photos.

Ha Ji Won As The Ideal Woman for So Many Actors

On July 5th, Oh Ji Ho appeared on MBC’s Jewelry House as the guest, on that show he talked about his life and career. Before, in 2010 Oh Ji Ho stated that he’s really excited to be in one frame with Ha Ji Won on “Sector 7.” He even regretted only shared the brief kiss with her on that movie .

Oh Ji Ho, “I Want To Act With Ha Ji Won, Marriage Is An Honor”

Actor Oh Ji Ho revealed his fondness towards Ha Ji Won.

On the show "Jewelry House" which aired on the 5th, he was asked the question, "Who is the actress you want to work with?" and his answer was, "I want to work with Ha Ji Won, who I worked with in the movie, 'Sector 7".

He also said, "There wasn't much in the movie between Ha Ji Won and I so it would be fun if we did a romantic comedy piece together. I really want to work with her again."

To this the MC, Jung Bo Suk asked to lure him into a scandal, "If the time comes of you living with her under one roof and eating breakfast together, would you accept?" and to this question, he answered, "For me, its an honor" which made everyone burst into laughter.

Lastly, Jung Bo Suk asked Oh Ji Ho, "Can you send Ha Ji Won a video message?" and Oh Ji Ho did without any hesitation. In the message he said, "Ji Won, we haven't talked for a while, but sorry I couldn't make it to your movie preview for "Korea" and I love you."

Monday, July 2, 2012

Jiwon for Women's Apparel Summer Goddess Edtion

Photo credit: to owner

Ha Ji Won in the Philippines!!

Recently, Jiwon visited Philippines as part of her personal vacation. Charmy19_23 from Soompi was generous enough to share some of her cousin's photos with Ha Ji Won. According to charmy19_23, her cousin was Jiwon's tour guide during her stay in the country. (Lucky!)