Sunday, September 25, 2011

[IMG] Ha Ji Won in London

Some photos of Jiwonie on her trip to London...

Ha Ji Won takes pictures in England

Actress Ha Ji Won recently flew to England.

On the 18th, Ha posted a picture on her agency’s official me2day account with the comment, “I’m doing fine in England. But I already miss the autumn Korean sky.”

She added, “I’m reminded of a saying. ‘I miss everyone so much who I love today and in my other lives.’”

Friday, September 16, 2011

Ha Ji Won Off to UK!

Some photos of Ha Ji Won at Incheon airport...

Ha Ji Won's "Angelina Jolie-look" Airport Fashion

On September 15, the beautiful Ha Ji Won showed off her airport fashion style on the Incheon Airport. She took off to London for a commercial shoot for the make-up brand “Olay”.

Ha Ji Won’s “Sector 7″ to play in select U.S. theatres!

Superstar Ha Ji Won became the talk of the town a few months back when she declared that she was tackling new blockbuster project called “Sector 7“, a movie that involved monsters, some intense action scenes, and a tough new look.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sector 7 - International Screening Schedules

Few more updates regarding Sector 7's overseas screening schedules... here goes...

L.A. - Sept 08 and 09. (CGV)
Taiwan - October 7
[Added] Hawaii - October 14
[Added] Malaysia - October 20
[Added] Singapore - November 3
Japan - November 12 (2D and 3D)

So far, these are the only dates that I have. If you are in any of the mentioned countries, please do check out your local cinemas to confirm. If your country's not included on this list, believe me I know how you feel... will update this post as soon as I have other info. 

Now, let's all hope that this movie will do great overseas as well. :) Fighting Sector 7!

Credit to Julia Kim and Szemin Zim of U.S 1023 on Facebook / Maccay, Hendra Lima and @quentinqid via Twitter / Piggy for the Singapore date / Soompi

"Sector 7" Opens in Select Cities in US and Canada

“Secret Garden” fans in North America who miss Ha Ji Won will have a chance to catch her on the big screen this month. Her sci-fi-action movie “Sector 7” will be released in 11 cities in the US and Canada on September 16. The film has already opened at CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles on September 9.  It will also be screened in Honolulu from October 14.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

[SUB] Star Date: Interview with Ha Ji Won


Credit to KBS World

[MAIN POST] Twitter Translations for @hajiwon1023

NOTE: All future translations will be added to this post. 
UPDATE: September 3
  Waiting for tomorrow..... today passed again... Saw the beach and rode a swing there.... i was feeling like i wanted to fly to the sky.... really cool.. high... very.... hihi.. yay! (Shouting)...

 After filming, the beach and a swing became friends to me.... thank you... hello beach...... stress of twitter friends.. i will blow it away for you...yap!!!! good night~^^hihi

Translations by Tracy Zzang & Danbi Cho via Int'l 1023 Facebook

And Jiwonie uploaded a new profile photo... wearing one really cool Dr. Dre Beats headphones!! (Makes me want to get one myself~) :)

FYI: She's using the Solo™HD (PRODUCT)RED™ Special Edition High Definition On-Ear Headphones with ControlTalk™ from Beats by Dr. Dre. You can check out this really cool set at BEATS BY DR. DRE (Official Website).

For all Canadian fans!!

A friend tweeted this yesterday... Apparently, Sector 7 is scheduled for showing in Canada on September 15!!

Here's the updated schedule  for Sector 7 in Canada:

September 15, 2011

SECTOR 7 (Korean with English Subtitles)
September 16, 2011

Click image to enlarge

Will keep you guys posted for any changes on this schedule.

Courtesy of Maccay via Twitter.

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