Thursday, June 30, 2011

[NEWS] Ha Ji-won with short hair "Only overalls"

Actress Ha Ji-won has become the 'short-haired girl'.

With the release of the movie "Sector 7" coming up, Ha Ji-won has the role of Hae-jun who fights with an unknown sea creature.

She transformed into a 'short-haired girl' with only overalls for the reason that she is a member of the crew on the oil ship.

The overalls she's wearing is something oil drillers wear to prevent friction with the oil.

The productions said, "If you think these are just ordinary overalls, you're mistaken. We had to produce about 10 for Ha Ji-won alone. The whole of "Sector 7" team have similar designs and there are overalls for fashion, action, and even wire".

Thanks to the productions efforts Ha Ji-won could perform actions scenes without trouble.

3D action blockbuster "Sector 7" is about the crew on an oil ship in the middle of the sea fighting with an unknown sea creature and is to be released on the 4th of August.

From: Hancinema
Source: Daum (Korean)

[IMG] Additional BTS Photos from "Korea"

Recently, photos of Ha Ji Won and table tennis champion Hyeon Jeong Wa were released -- teasing more fans for Jiwonie's upcoming film "Korea". On these photos, we see her with her co-star Bae Doona who will be playing her opponent from North Korea, Lee Boon-hee.

ADD: These were photos from Ha Ji Won's birthday celebration on the set of her upcoming film "Korea" which took place last June 28. :)

On other related news, actor Lee Jong Suk or you may have known him as the young talented gay musician who fell in love with Oska on the hit drama Secret Garden, will also be joining the cast of 'Korea'. Click here to see full article. 

Photo credit: Daum / f927 / Hancinema
Article by Hancinema

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

[IMG+VID] More photos from Saipan. (with addt'l video)

Here are a few more pics from Jiwonie's scuba diving trip to Saipan last year...

Here's an additional short clip of Ha Ji Won underwater...

Photo & video credit: scubanet / f927

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

[SUB] KBS Entertainment Tonight - Sector 7

In this Entertainment Tonight interview, Ha Ji Won was at the photoshoot of her upcoming 3D action film, Sector 7.

Translations: starcandii
Hardsubbed: ps3hl

Watch online:



May you have a perfectly wonderful time today...
Thank you for sharing your awesome talents with us...
You are an amazing actress and we hope 
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We are looking forward to all your future works 
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We wish you happiness always.

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Who knows, maybe one day Jiwon-ssi comes across this blog... *wink*

Monday, June 27, 2011

[IMG] Ha Ji Won Celebrates with Fans! *UPDATED*

Sunday, June 25th, Ha Ji Won celebrated her birthday in advance with the Korean 1023 (name of her fan club). Here are some of the photos taken from the said event! :)


Credit as labeled / Baidu / Daum / f927

[NEWS] Ha Ji-won and Yoon Je-kyoon reruns 10-million myth?

Several block busters are looking forward to war. "7 Sector" is one of the hottest movies in the center of attention.

Actress Ha Ji-won and director Yoon Je-kyoon from "Haeundae" (2009) which recorded 10 million viewers have come together once again.

Ha Ji-won has become a heroine who fights with an unknown creature, displaying more of her special action and looking like the true female warrior. Other casts include Ahn Seong-ki, Oh Ji-ho, Song Sae-byeok and more.

This movie has already been sold to 46 different countries in the film market in Cannes which was held in May. The movie has the intense story of the crew on a drill ship fighting with an unknown creature. It is an unfamiliar monster movie as well as the first Korean 3D blockbuster.

While we see if the movie will bring back the glory of 10 million audiences, if it does, director Yoon Je-kyoon can be called the hand of Midas in commercial movies. Ha Ji-won will also gain the honor of being the actress in two movies that drew in 20 million audiences.

From: Hancinema
Source: News Nate (Korean)

[VIDEO] Ha Ji Won's scuba diving in Saipan

Ha Ji Won went to Saipan last year for her scuba diving training and certification. The guy on the photo above was her instructor, Lee Jae Hoon.

Watch Ha Ji Won underwater....

Photo credit: to owner / f927
Video credit: / fey927 for YouTube link.

[FACT #3] Did you know...


Ha Ji Won's favorite scene in her movie "Daddy Long Legs" was the scene where Mr. Yeon and her character shield themselves from the rain by sharing an umbrella. She said, "his desire to keep me dry means that he gets wet. Even though he gets wet, he looks very nice! It is the most romantic scene in the whole film." - The Teen Times,

Sunday, June 26, 2011

[NEWS] Ha Ji Won in Saipan for “hell training”

Actress Ha Ji Won recently shared some behind-the-scenes photos from her Saipan “hell training” trip.
On June 24th, Ha Ji Won greeted her fans through her company’s me2day account. She wrote, “Hello. It’s been a while since I last greeted you guys through me2day. I’m actress Ha Ji Won“.
With her comment, Ha Ji Won uploaded a picture of herself training for her movie, ‘Sector 7‘. In the picture, Ha Ji Won is shown posing cutely with the vast ocean behind her as a background. Her panda hat and V-sign gesture emphasize her playful facial expression.
Ha Ji Won gave her fans a glimpse of her training experience and wrote, “For mySector 7Hae Jun role, I went as far as getting a scuba diving license. Now, I will tell you the story behind my sweet, yet intense ‘hell training’ experience.
Following the comment, Ha Ji Won uploaded another picture to share her first story. In the picture, Ha Ji Won is shown posing under the clear, blue sky with yet another V-sign.

Ha Ji Won wrote, “‘Ha Ji Won’s Saipan TrainingStory 1. For now, I am on a boat and moving so I can get ready to dive. I’m going with a fluttering heart after finishing my preparation class. Up until this point, my face looks at ease.
Netizens who saw the picture commented, “This is such a cute picture“, “I can’t wait for the next story“, “You must have suffered a lot going through this intense training“, “I was anticipatingSector 7‘, so this story is interesting“, and “You’re definitely the best actress for going as far as getting a license“.
Ha Ji Won’s new movie, ‘Sector 7′, will be out on August 4th in 3D.

Source: Newsen via Nate
Image: Wellmade StarM’s me2day

Saturday, June 25, 2011

[FACT #2] Did you know...


      Ha Ji Won was ranked #9 on a poll by a Chinese news site Bo Shwin as China's Favorite Female Korean Star.

[IMG] New photos from "Korea" *UPDATED*

Aside from Ha Ji Won's upcoming 3D action film, Sector 7, she's currently busy preparing/filming on another movie called "Korea" where she will be playing the role of Korean table tennis champion -- Hyeon Jeong Wa. After Secret Garden, it was reported that Ha Ji Won started her training for table tennis with Hyeon training her personally. (See related article here and here) Check out some mag scans and behind the scene pictures of Ha Ji Won's upcoming sport/drama movie 'Korea'.

Click on the images to enlarge

 Photo credits: as labelled / DC Gall / f927