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[OTH-DL] Kim Nam Joo & Ha Ji Won attends 47th Baeksang Arts Awards

"Ha Ji Won (하지원) who did not walked the red carpet wore a dress from Dsquared² Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Completing her outfit with a pair of sandals which you can barely see above.."

 Photo Credits: 1023 / DCGall / Baidu / InStyle / as labelled.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

[SUB] 47th Annual BaekSang Arts Awards - short interview

Here's more Baeksang goodies for all of you. A very short interview post-award show.
Translations: kjkfan7
Hardsubbed: ps3hl

Special thanks to maccay 

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[SUB] MBC Section TV (04.10.11)

This Section TV interview was aired last April 10. MBC Section TV visited her on one of her photo shoots and asked her about her favorite concept and what can she say about the number of *cough*HOT*cough* guys who picked her as their ideal woman. Enjoy!
Translations: kjkfan7
Hardsubbed: ps3hl

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Note: Had to use a different streaming site because YouTube's cutting out the subs below on the video. :)


[SUB] 2001 Cholian Interview

This is an old interview of Ha Ji Won back in 2001 where she was asked questions submitted by her fans online. She gave out her most treasured key chain as a price for the "Unexpected" quiz segment of the program. Watch this 14-min interview and enjoy!
Translations: kjkfan7 and RAINLUVER012
Hardsubbed: ps3hl

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[DL] Family Outing Ep. 68 & 69 with English softsubs

A few days ago, Renn left a message on the shoutbox asking for links to Family Outing episodes where our Jiwonnie made an appearance. Ha Ji Won made a guest appearance on Family Outing 2 years ago for 2 episodes (Ep. 68 and 69). Here are the download links for both episodes plus English subs credited to RamenSoupSubs. These are definitely must-see episodes for all new/old Ha Ji Won fans. So enjoy! 

Episode 68 (Part 1)

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05

Episode 69 (Part 2)

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05

Credits to RamenSoupSubs for the video file and English subs.
I own nothing.

Friday, May 27, 2011

[SUB] 47th Annual BaekSang Arts Awards - Best Actor/Actress

Last night, Ha Ji Won presented the Best Actor and Best Actress awards along with last year's winner Ha Jung Woo. Rockin' her gorgeous white and black dress, here's a cut of Ha Ji Won from last night's 47th Annual Baeksang Awards.
Translations: RAINLUVER012
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

[OTH] 47th Annual PaekSang Arts Awards + Updates

TODAY, May 26, from 20:00~22:00 (South Korean time) is the 47th Annual PaekSang Arts Awards at KyungHee University's 'Grand Peace Palace'

It will be broadcasted by KBS2.

She has been invited to award the Best Actress Award for the Movie Section (she won this award last year for "Closer to Heaven") and Ha Ji Won has been nominated for the Best Actress Award for the TV section (여자 최우수 연기상). The nominees for Best Actor/Best Actress also get nominated for the Grand Award for the TV section (대상 = DaeSang) which is the highest award.
(Baeksang gives out each award for the Movie Section and TV section. So there are 2 Grand Awards, 2 Best Actor Awards, 2 Best Actress Awards, etc.)
The online voting for the Popular Award ended a few days ago. Ha Ji Won got 3rd place with 6.1% (behind Moon Geun Young and Ga In)

Other upcoming schedules:

Saturday, May 28
Ha Ji Won will be having ANOTHER fan signing event at Moo Deung Baseball Stadium in Gwang Ju (home of the KIA Tigers) from 2-4 PM for Cass Light.

Other updates:

Monday, May 23rd 
Ha Ji Won had a test filming for "Korea". The "crank-in" (the term used for "starting a movie"- taken from cranking the film for a camera) for "Korea" will be early June. The date keeps getting pushed back. CJ pushed back the date of release to sometime early next year. They're very busy building the set. I read somewhere that they were planning to go to Japan to film some scenes (the actual Table Tennis Championship in 1991 was in Chiba, Japan) but they decided to just stay in Korea after the earthquakes and tsunamis.

Friday, May 25th.
Earlier in the day, someone tweeted that they saw Ha Ji Won at a sauna.
Later, Ha Ji Won attended a Maroon 5 concert at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul. There were a lot of fan accounts from last night. They said Ha Ji Won was clapping and moving to the music. She left 10 minutes before the end of the concert (like at the Big Bang concert) to avoid the large crowd. Lee Jung JaeJung Woo Sung were also at the concert last night. 

In 2007, Ha Ji Won made an appearance in Sung Shi Kyung's "Blue Night" radio show and said she really liked Maroon 5. She even bought their CD.

By RAINLUVER012 (Soompi) [Original Post]

[NEWS] Sector 7 that Stars Ha Ji Won, Advance Sales in 46 Countries.

May 25, 2011

The film “Sector 7” which will star Ha Ji Won was sold with advance sales in 46 countries before its release.

On May 26th, CJ E&M’s Film Business Division reported that “Sector 7” was sold in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia all around the world in 46 different countries.
In Germany and the Middle East, “Sector 7” was sold at the highest price any Korean movie has ever been sold. In Europe the film was sold in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, and Austria. In the Middle East, the film was sold in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, and Palestine. For Africa the film was sold in Algeria and Ethiopia. In Asia the film was sold in Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Turkey.

“Sector 7” is a monster flick that occurs at an oil rig. The movie was created in 3D and it will be released this summer.

By jbarky (Soompi) [Original Post]
Source: Star News

Other updates:
"Last Tuesday, May 24th, Ha Ji Won had a photo shoot for "Sector 7" movie posters. 2 posters have already been released. "Sector 7" will be released on August 4th. "
By RAINLUVER012 (Soompi) [Original Post]

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

[NEWS] The First Trial for Korean 3D - Sector 7

"...Sector 7 is about a fierce struggle between men and a deep ocean monster located at an oil prospecting ship named ‘Eclipse’. The film is directed by KIM Ji-hoon, director of May 18 that drew 7.3 million viewers to the theaters. The leading role is a warrior-like character who is the only female on the ship, played by HA Ji-won. HA had appeared regularly in films made by JK and has scored high in all shows she appeared in, on TV and screen including the recent big hit TV drama Secret Garden . Others on the cast list includes national actor AHN Sung-ki who always has a sense of stability in Korean’s eyes and OH Ji-ho who has been very popular in TV dramas...."

[NEWS] Jo In Sung: “Almost Broke My Teeth Kissing Ha Ji Won”

Ha Ji Won and Jo In Sung, a scene on What Happened in Bali
May 16, 2011
Jo In Sung, who just recently completed his military service, made a guest appearance on today’s SBS “Bae Gi Wan, Choi Young Ah & Jo Hyung Ki’s Good Morning” show to talk about his past kiss scenes with female celebrities. He is well known for carrying out surprise kisses in a lot of those scenes as were the case in SBS drama “Spring Days” with Go Hyun Jung, the movie “Mean Streets” with Lee Bo Young, and SBS drama “What Happened in Bali” with Ha Ji Won. In particular, regarding the kiss scene with Ha Ji Won, the star actor said, “I could have made a lot of NG (no good) scenes…I almost broke my teeth when it hit her’s (Ha Ji Won),” causing everyone at the set to burst out laughing. This comment however is exactly what Ha Ji Won said at a fan meeting in 2007 when asked to pick her favorite partner. She said at the time that “The kiss scene with Jo In Sung was the most memorable. I thought my teeth were going to break.” Jo In Sung finished his mandatory military service on May 4th and is set to return to the Korean movie/drama scene shortly.


By thunderstix (Soompi) [Original post]
Photos from dangermousie.livejournal.com and Soompi.

[TRANS] Secret Garden DVD Extra - Interview

Thank you for still loving Secret Garden.
I still can't come out of Gil Ra Im's character.
I hope this drama will be a drama that will be remembered even after many years pass by.

Gil Ra Im is a stunt woman who loves action, and doesn't act girly or pretend she's pretty.
She an honest cool woman who likes to be called "cool" more than "pretty."

After the drama ended, I've received about 30 interviews.

I've filmed other projects, and I also went on an overseas trip with my family.
I caught up on all my sleep, and I ate a lot of delicious food.

A similarity with me and Ra Im is that we both like & love action,
we both prefer "you're cool" to "you're pretty" as a compliment,
we both like cappuccino, we're both not very girly, we're both slow/inexperienced at love, and we both scream in the same way ("Gyak!")

Gil Ra Im's charm is that she does action very well and her way of talking is straightforward.
She has an honest and a bit of a pure/innocent charm.

A celebrity that I admired and gave me strength (like RI with Oska) was Seotaji & Kids.
My mom bought me album posters and stickers of them. 

My first fan's dream was to be a writer, so when she/he (gender is not specified) came up to Seoul, I personally took her to bookstores, and gave her/him a tour of Seoul. Right now he/she's a writer for a radio channel.
Like Ra Im (with Ah Young), she's a fan who I still contact and hang out with even after 13 years.

At first, it was hard to act as if my heart was fluttering/throbbing with the eyes.
As a joke, I said towards the end of the drama that my I felt as if my heart was about to explode.
In the beginning, director-nim kept on filming me until my eyes showed that my heart was fluttering.
As the time went by, Ra Im began to like Joo Won so I was able to act it out more naturally.
I think there's some sort of happiness and a strange charm to acting with the eyes.
I was really happy because I was able to look at the eyes of fellow actors as much as I wanted to.

I chose projects based on scenario, then character.
Before the Secret Garden synopsis came out, I thought the idea/theme of fantasy & soul switching was mine, so I decided to do it.
There are times I choose scenarios because the title itself shined.

It was hard to act like a man, but it was fun.
I wanted it to feel more genuine and real, so I thought that
I should act like Kim Joo Won instead of like a man in general.

I thought it'd be really fun if I could soul-switch in real life, so I had a dream where I switched bodies.
I pretended my alarm clock was a bell, and I thought "oh, I'm about to switch bodies" while flailing in my bed.
"Ah~ I changed (bodies)..."

I can only cry if I think/understand 100% that I can only cry only if it is this situation.
I can never cry if I think sad thoughts that are irrelevant.
Even if the staff is quiet or loud, it doesn't bother me (when I have to cry).
I had to film a lot of emotional scenes during the dawn, so it was really regrettable that I had to film when my body was tired/weak.

Hyun Bin's first impression...
I've seen him before in private/informal (사석) occasions, but I only thought "Oh, that's Hyun Bin-sshi" during those times.
I first met him during the script reading, and I thought that he was really comfortable to be around, and I won't feel awkward no matter what I do in front of this person.
I really liked it because I really did feel comfortable around him, and I thought he was a fun friend while I filmed with him.
He's very considerate, and I really liked his eyes (눈빛, 'expression of the eyes'). His first impression was good, but I think it got even better/I liked it even more as time went by.

I hope that people will think I'm the prettiest when I smile/laugh when I'm acting.
I didn't want to ruin the nice feeling of Damo scene (in Secret Garden), so I recorded videos while filming and I practiced a lot to make it look cool. I wanted to bring out the emotion/feeling of the scene to its maximum, so I put in a lot of effort and watched the moniter/recording after every scene.
Even though 7 years has passed, I still want to look young and I worked really hard especially for that scene in order to revive the scene realistically for all of the Damo fans.

I normally smile a lot, but people around me wonder "huh? why is she smiling" and think that something good happened to me, so it made me think that I was weird so I try to stop smiling as often now.
I couldn't stop laughing when Joo Won acted as Ra Im. During the wig scene, I had to suppress my laughter the whole time while I was acting.
It was so cute and funny when Hyun Bin acted as Ra Im, so I laughed a lot.

Towards the second half, I received the scripts late, so I was disappointed for not being able to express (the emotions) to its maximum.
I think I felt more and more disappointed as the second half went by.
Not including the action scene, I has to film constantly while my body was burning,
so I kept on thinking that I could've came out prettier if I slept at least a little.
As the second half of the drama passed by, my condition got worse and I couldn't do anything about it so I was really disappointed.

I didn't think it'd be a happy ending, so I'm glad it was.
I even dreamt a dream like the ending of episode 17, where one of the characters got really sick/injured or never woke up so the other character changed souls for that person.

I want to do all of the fantasy characters that the world can come up with.
The most important thing is that whatever life the character lives, I want to act out the character realistically/genuinely.

Thank you for loving Gil Ra Im, and it hurts my heart to let Ra Im go.
Always be healthy, and even though a long time as gone by please remember Secret Garden for a long time, and whenever you want to re-watch it, I hope you'll watch it through the DVD.
Thank you so much for loving Secret Garden. I love you all.

~ ~

English translations by starcandii (Soompi) [Original Post]
Original summary in Korean came from DC Gallery.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jeonju Int'l Film Festival 2011

Ha Ji Won attended the recent Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF) event last May 1st. This was a short clip of her during the Duelist question forum.
Translations: kjkfan7
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OnStyle Guess CF Interview

This was the OnStyle Guess CF clip from a couple of weeks back. Ha Ji Won talked about her favorite style when it comes to eye wear, what she did after Secret Garden and her usual style off cam. She was also asked if she got jealous while watching SeGa co-star Hyun Bin on his movie with Chinese actress Tang Wei, "Late Autumn". Enjoy!
Translations: RAINLUVER012
Hardsubbed: ps3hl

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