Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ha Ji Won Performs at the "K-POP Super Concert"

Actress Ha Ji Won was chosen to be one of the MCs for the "K-POP Super Concert," held in Busan on October 28. She hosted the event with Kim Hyun Joong.

Ha Ji Won is coming back on stage after 8 years.

Ha Ji Won is planning to support the debut of AA, a vocal group from her agency, at K-pop Super Concert taking place in Kwanganri Beach, Busan, on the 28th.

Ha Ji Won, hosting the show with Kim Hyun Joong on the day, will make a surprise guest appearance on AA’s stage for their debut song “Because I’m Crazy.” It’s after 8 years that she performs on stage since her regular album’s title song “Home Run” in 2003.

Ha Ji Won says she wants to play a role of attractive femme fatale

Ha Ji Won attracted the audience’s attention by revealing her wish to play a role of attractive femme fatale.On SBS TV Midnight’s TV Entertainment aired on the 26th, Ha Ji Won appeared as an interviewee. To the question about her ‘role model,’ Ha Ji Won answered, “I love Meryl Streep. I dream of becoming an actress who can still play lovely roles in melodramas with overalls on even though I was aged 50 or 60.

Ha Ji Won was criticized for having no talent as a rookie


On October 26th, a popular entertainment program on SBS got to sit down with actress Ha Ji Won for an interview. Considering her A-list status now, they asked if she was ever criticized during her rookie days.

“People told me that I had no talent, that I had no social skills, and that they didn’t like to associate themselves with me,” she admitted.

Ha Ji Won Confesses She Had Secret IV Drips

During an interview on SBS variety “Night of TV Entertainment” aired on Oct 26, actress Ha Ji Won revealed how she was ashamed of being nicknamed “Fitness of Steel,” because she had IV drips secretly. She confessed, “To tell the truth, I fainted many times (during filming). I even had IV drips at the filming set. But in order to look strong, I had them secretly.”

When asked whether she felt that she could not rest adequately, she said, “I’m also human, thus I do feel that often. But I recover after half a day. My ability to recover is pretty fast."

During the interview, she also revealed her expectations of her ideal guy: “He must not be too fair. I like men who give off a healthy vibe. It will be good if he could exercise with me too. People who don’t do sports are not charming.”

She added, “It will be good too if we can have a stroll together. I hope to meet someone whom I can connect to so well that we understand each other even when we don’t speak much.”

By shyangz via Soompi

Ha Ji-won: "I take an IV to look strong"


Ha Ji-won revealed that she recieves an IV without anyone knowing.

On the SBS show "TV News At Night", Ha Ji-won put everyone in the shade.

About the word 'iron strength' that describes her, she said, "Actually I've passed out a lot during shooting. I get an IV on site as well. However I do it secretly to look strong".

When she was asked if she felt like she wasn't ever rested she said, "I am human so I do but when half the day passes, I recover. I recover fast".

She also revealed how to maintain clear skin.

Source: News Nate

Friday, October 28, 2011

Lee Seung-gi And Ha Ji-won Receive National Merit Awards

Singer Lee Seung Gi and actress Ha Ji Won are receiving the ‘Savings Awards’. On October 25th, the National Banks Association will hold the 48th Savings Day ceremony and Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won will be recognized
with awards.

Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won Win Special Savings Award

Singer Lee Seung Gi and actress Ha Ji won both won Savings Awards.

The two of them will participate in the 48th Savings Day celebration, held in the international conference room at the Korea Federation of Banks in Myungdong on October 25. There, they will receive awards for being model citizens and doing good deeds. 

Lee Seung Gi will receive the President's Award for Savings and Ha Ji won will receive the Prime Minister's Award for Savings. 

Lee Seung Gi's sources say, "It is true that Lee Seung Gi will receive a President's Award. Since he was young, he saved up a lot and he also knows a lot about the guidelines for saving. He has been influenced a lot by his parents, who were both bank employees."

Ha Ji Won in London for Olay (More Photos)

Here are a few more photos of Ha Ji Won during her stay in London.

Ha Ji Won Hands Out Coal + Photos

While normally, getting coal in the winter doesn′t have a good connotation, Ha Ji Won managed to make nice and became a veritable Santa with her coal deliveries.

On October 22, Ha Ji Won held a ‘coal briquette fanmeeting’ by bringing her internet fan café 1023 in for volunteer work to deliver coal briquettes at Seoul’s Jeonwon Maeul. The volunteer work celebrated the fan café’s 12th anniversary, and took place with the help of many fans who had been preparing the event for a long time.

Jeonwon Maeul is an area which is not supported by the government, as the homes in the area are said to be ‘unauthorized’. As a result, many senior citizens who live alone and other disadvantaged peoples are left to weather the bitter winter cold on their own. The area was also hit by the Umyeonsan avalanche earlier this year, but still was unable to receive proper compensation for restoration.

Ha Ji-won, Kim Hyun-joong to host upcoming K-pop concert

Korean actress Ha Ji-won and singer Kim Hyun-joong will host an upcoming K-pop concert next week, according to major Korean broadcaster SBS.

SBS announced in a press release on Friday that Ha and Kim will emcee the 2011 K-POP SUPER CONCERT to be held at the Gwangalli Beach located in Busan, South Korea on October 28 with the event set to air on November 6.
The statement also revealed that Big members Taeyang, Seungri and T.O.P, SHINee, KARA, Se7en, PSY, T-ara, SISTAR, U-Kiss and ZE:A are part of the lineup.

Movieweek 10th Anniversary Issue

Ha Ji Won is on the cover of Movieweek's 10th Anniversary issue (Movieweek Special No. 500) along with other Korean stars.

2011 Medical Korea Celebration

Ha Ji Won attended the 2011 Medical Korea Celebration held at Plaza Hotel, Seoul (Diamond Hall) last Oct. 20.

Ha Ji Won at 'Couples' VIP Premiere

Ha Ji Won attended the VIP Premiere of Korean movie "Couples" last Oct. 18 at CGV Wangshimni.

Asics Autograph Events - Oct. 15 & 16 *More PHOTOS!*

Last Oct. 15 and 16, Ha Ji Won visited Busan, Daegu, Gumi and Chuncheon for Asics Autograph Events. Check out these photos of Jiwonie with the lucky fans who was able to meet and greet her!! :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

[VID] Ha Ji Won's NEW Olay CF

Watch Ha Ji Won's newest CF for OLAY. :)

[VID] OnStyle Magazine - Ha Ji Won in London

OnStyle featured Ha Ji Won's trip to London for Olay.

OLAY Korea Official Wallpapers

Click Image to Enlarge

British man gets a crush on Ha Ji Won!

A British man in blonde hair got a crush on Ha Ji Won.On one of the online community websites, three photos of Ha Ji Won, a look of British man talking to Ha Ji Won drinking coffee, a look of Ha Ji Won rejecting him embarrassed, and a look of her and the British man smiling together, were released.

As these photos were taken while she was covering the beauty trends in London as a guest beauty editor for Style Magazine of OnStyle, many netizens were curious about what actually happened.

The netizens said, “since Ha Ji Won seems pretty surprised, I guess the British man is trying to ask her out maybe,” “this is Ha Ji Won’s secret date scene in London,” “I guess the Londoner fell in love with Ha Ji Won’s clean face,” “even though Ha Ji Won is rejecting him with her hand gesture, she seems happy,” and so on.

Ha Ji Won shares her airport fashion tips.

On the October 15th episode of On Style‘s ‘Fashion Magazine‘, actress Ha Ji Won left for London to act as a beauty editor.

Right before she got on the plane, cameras were able to catch up with the actress to get some tips and know-hows on how she’s able to look so fashionable at the airport. She stated, “To an actress, airport fashion is highly important.”

She began by revealing that her preferred style was to add edgy accessories to basic looks. For the airport that day, she had worn a gray round neck knit matched with black jeans. Her favorite part about the knit was that it was full of intricate details like the way parts are pulled and pinched in to create a wavy effect.

As for beauty tips, Ha Ji Won recommended bringing face masks on the plane to hydrate the skin in the dry setting.

Ha Ji Won's Trip to London [more photos added!]

A few more photos of Jiwonie from her London trip. Check them out! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More Photos from her London trip!

Airport & In-flight fashion 

Ha Ji Won’s sexy looks: everyday life is like magazine photos

Style Magazine, which will be aired on the 15th, is expected to release Ha Ji Won’s everyday life in London, her magazine beauty photo shooting, and her visit to London Collection.

Through the program, we can see Ha Ji Won enjoying the scenery of London. She spends time with her friends at open-air cafes and popular restaurants, and goes shopping for unique dresses and accessories at vintage shops hidden everywhere in London. We also can see her prank and easy-going personalities through Style Magazine‘s interviews with her.

Meeting Ha Ji Won by Jessabean

"At the end of our trip, we got to meet our favorite Korean actress, Ha Ji Won, star of "Secret Garden." She lives in our friend's building. After joking about meeting her for 2 weeks, our friend finally decided to take a risk and ring the doorbell of the penthouse.
Ha Ji Won's MOM answered the door, and to our surprise we we're invited into her home for drinks, gifts and photos. She is much more beautiful in person. So amazing!!!"

Credit to Jessabean 

Jiwon at Jang Dong Gun's son's Birthday Party

Ha Ji Won attended Jang Dong Gun's son 1st Birthday party, Oct 4 at Shilla Hotel, Seoul

Credit to NewsEn.
Shared by hudson

Ha Ji Won: Toughening Up!

CasperSnoopy sent this article from a Malaysian newspaper last Friday, October 14. 

South Korean leading actress Ha Ji-won is adapting well to her new status as action star. 

STARRING in creature feature Sector 7, billed as South Korea’s first 3D actioner (not available in 3D here, though), Ha Ji-won impressed the director so much that he felt that the movie could not be made without an actress like her.

Known as South Korea’s Angelina Jolie, Ha’s intense performance in Sector 7 (released in August in South Korea) has won her rave reviews from moviegoers in the country who have compared her performance to Sigourney Weaver’s in Hollywood science fiction blockbuster Aliens (1986).

Ha Ji Won Spotted with a 10 Year Younger Englishman

Currently a picture with Ha Ji Won on a date with a gorgeous Londoner is gaining a lot of attention. In the picture, the Englishman is talking to Ha Ji Won who is holding coffee, and the two are smiling.

Netizens have stated, “Looking at how Ha Ji Won seems surprised, I wonder if she is receiving a romantic advance from an Englishman,” “This must be a picture of Ha Ji Won on a secret date,” and “They look so cute smiling together.”

However, the picture seems to be from filming an advertisement for a makeup company. 

According to X Sports News, the Englishman approached Ha Ji Won while she was taking a break from filming. He tried to get a date with her. Ha Ji Won talked to the young man for a bit, laughed, and rejected him. The reason was that she was 10 years older than him. The man said, “I thought she was younger than me or around my age,” and made everyone on the filming set laugh.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ha Ji Won Lets Fans Into Her House

Recently, photos of Ha Ji Won and her guests enjoying a casual stay in Ha Ji Won's house have been gaining a lot of attention.

On October 11, an online community posted these photos along with the caption, "Ha Ji Won invites guests to her house? She's showing much love for her fans!"

Subsequently, the person who posted these photos added, "Foreign guests who live in the same apartment as Ha Ji Won had the chance to visit Ha Ji Won's house with only a push of a door bell! Luckily for them, Ha Ji Won was in the house - she generously gave them a cup of tea and even took pictures with them. It could have been a bit hectic for Ha Ji Won since this was a unexpected visit, but it seems like they had a good time."

Netizens who saw this post gave comments such as, "She's so kind," "How can she be so kind? She's so awesome!" "The words about her being kind that has been circulating among various actors and actresses must be true - every time I see her, she looks more attractive," and "That's an amazing love for fans."

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

3 elements make Ha Ji Won so adorable

September 21, 2011 by bakeun

Korean actress Ha Ji Won enjoys a high fame in both local and international entertainment sector. It has been said by the media that every production with her participation would never disappoint the audience. But what makes Ha Ji Won so adorable to both female and male audience? Here the author of this post would like to share 3 elements that Ha Ji Won possesses.

1. Extraordinary beauty
Needless to say, every fan of Ji Won should at least be attracted because of her unusual sense of beauty. In drama , Ji Won was playing the role Jin Yi, who is a famous female poet as well a Geisha in Korean history. Her eyes and smile is just lucrative and seductive, which even women would praise her at her extraordinary beauty.

2. Professional performance
Not only her beauty, her professional performance towards acting is highly appreciated by her colleagues and production teams. In drama again, in order to perform ancient Korean Geisha dance, she have been practicing days and night; and her performance has been proved to be as professional as a real dancer. In preparing for the new movie , as taking a role of the country representative on table tennis, she keeps practicing 4 hours a day. (Indeed, she has no prior knowledge on table tennis!!) in order to make her performance professional.

Ha Ji Won back from London!

Some photos of Ha Ji Won's arrival from London. She was welcomed by some fans at the airport!