Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ha Ji Won on September Issue of InStyle Magazine

Photos credit to owner


  1. THanks for always keeping us up to date with the news and pics of our dear HJW! I really really appreciate your blog!

  2. im crazy about her!!! thanks for uploading some pictures of Ms. Ha Ji Won. She is so beautiful and stunning! Amazing!!!

  3. I think Ha ji won deserves to win at least the outstanding korean drama awards for best actress in the SDA 2012. She's so outstanding in her performances in The King 2 Hearts. She did actions, learnt and spoke in North Korean dialect. Compare with the Rooftop Prince which only a melodrama and han ji min did nothing like ha ji won. I don't think that the winner should be chosen through people's voting. It should be done by the professionals and the people that really appreciate and understand the effort of the actors and actress through their performances.