Monday, February 21, 2011

"Duelist" Movie Premiere

'Duelist' stars, Kang Dong Won, Ha Ji Won and Ahn Sung Ki on an interview at their movie premiere.
Translations: kjkfan7
Hardsubbed: ps3hl

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  1. Duelist is a beautiful movie, great job Team amazing yeoja! Hope it will attract more n more HJW 's fan n others.Get to noe her n you will love her from there. HJW is a leader cum lucky charm...she brings lucks to every role she play.Secret garden is acceptionally lucky due to maybe its HB n HJW,s affinity n fate that its a pheonomenal.Jo in sung n Ha Ji Won kissing scene hit forty percent rating in WHIB .This another great drama that as popular.

  2. I really wanna know the eng sub in KDW Fanmeeting, cuz I have insatiable thirst about this amazing yeoja, she seems laugh to every little thing... Maybe that's why she is not aging.

  3. could you please translate the kang dong won's fan meeting that had been attended by ha ji won, and also the duelist promotion in japan? I would love to know what they're talked about since the video was full with laughter. Could you please translate it into english? thank you so much!