Monday, February 14, 2011

Ha Ji Won - Then and Now Documentary Special

Originally Aired: 07.24.07
In this 12-min special, get to know the Ha Ji Won from before and how she became the amazing actress that she is at the present. 
Translations: uxmod
Hardsubbed: ps3hl

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  1. You guys did avery gd job, THUMPS UP!GD translations let those who are new get to more abt HJW .OUR BEAUTY HJW the one n only verstile actress in KOREA!Thank you so much again!Hope you dun mind I share your sub. video with SG facebook.Really Appreciated!Sincerely thank you n your hard work , hope in future we can get to see more of HJW news n Sub Video.LOVELOVE!

  2. She is an excellent actress in Korea. I did not know her, but after I've seen her at SG and found her other areas. She has so many awards for her actings. She works so hard that whatever she has in her hands and pulled them off to viewers to see how hard she works @ them; therefore, all viewers love her actings. She puts them in all 200% compared to other actresses.

  3. thank you so much for subbing this..i didn know her before..but now i can see her as a very dedicated & talented actress & of a HJW!