Sunday, April 3, 2011

Next Attraction - more movies!!

I would like to say thanks to everyone who participated on the latest poll. I will be working on the TOP 5 voted movies first and post them up here as soon as I can. It will be in the following order:

  • Phone (폰)
  • Duelist (형사)
  • Daddy Long Legs (키다리 아저씨) 
  • Closer To Heaven (내 사랑 내 곁에) 
  • Tidal Wave/Haeundae (해운대)

Thank you for always visiting the blog. All your comments and shout outs are very much appreciated!! - ps3hl


  1. Thanks for your hard work! Looking forward to watching the subbed movies.

    ~ silver

  2. i like ha ji won..thanks for sharing for all videos,,its great that someone doing that,,specielly the works have done with tranlation,,coz i can read it in English,,thank you very much for hard work,,,!!!!

  3. thank you so much for this blog!
    i really adore ha ji wo ssi,
    it's great to have someone like you who i believe love ji won ssi too and take a step further to share what you knew with all of her fans.

    kudo's to you! :)

  4. i was looking for an english fan's blog or homepage dedicated to HJW like for ages..finally i found your blog..really appreciate your effort by sharing with us about our amazing yeoja..i am now declaring my self as a new fan of HJW :)..i was looking for her videos/articles/movies/dramas like mad..i feel that..the more i get to know her..the more i fallen in love with her not only becoz she has wonderful acting skills but also as in person..she's totally amazing!

  5. can you add there the movie LOVE SO DIVINE it so cute too..and some her drama like something happen in bali!