Tuesday, March 29, 2011

White Day - 1023's SeGa Gifts to Ha Ji Won

Recently, Ha Ji Won's fans (known as 1023) gave her gifts for White Day. This is a video clip of Ha Ji Won receiving those fantastic gifts and a little message for all her fans. 
Translations: kjkfan7
Timing/Typesetting/Encoding: ps3hl

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  1. thank you for everything im so happy about this video jiwon is so beautiful and very appreciative.once again thank you kjkfan7 and ps3hl.

  2. I'm from the philippines and im quite fond of watching kdrama...
    i havent seen giant/donyi/the president(but ill try to see these), though ive seen baker king and secret garden...
    call me biased but ive never seen a unique and heart warming series that will make you laugh, cry, and get addicted to the characters... so im all in for SECRET GARDEN (from hajiwon/hyunbin to supports, director, production, and writer)...
    the mere fact that people cant get over yet about the story and its character, is proof enough that the story, actors, and actions (which makes you smile throughout)are good enough to make it win and be memorable to all of us (may you be a critic, an anti, or a fan --because the bottom line is youve watched the series from beginning to end for you to be able to comment good or bad about this series).. :)

    LETS VOTE FOR SG for Baeksang award... fighting!!!

  3. Does any one know where to send gift to Ha Ji won??