Tuesday, May 17, 2011

[NEWS] The First Trial for Korean 3D - Sector 7

"...Sector 7 is about a fierce struggle between men and a deep ocean monster located at an oil prospecting ship named ‘Eclipse’. The film is directed by KIM Ji-hoon, director of May 18 that drew 7.3 million viewers to the theaters. The leading role is a warrior-like character who is the only female on the ship, played by HA Ji-won. HA had appeared regularly in films made by JK and has scored high in all shows she appeared in, on TV and screen including the recent big hit TV drama Secret Garden . Others on the cast list includes national actor AHN Sung-ki who always has a sense of stability in Korean’s eyes and OH Ji-ho who has been very popular in TV dramas...."

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  1. go go go hajiwon thanks for this