Thursday, May 26, 2011

[OTH] 47th Annual PaekSang Arts Awards + Updates

TODAY, May 26, from 20:00~22:00 (South Korean time) is the 47th Annual PaekSang Arts Awards at KyungHee University's 'Grand Peace Palace'

It will be broadcasted by KBS2.

She has been invited to award the Best Actress Award for the Movie Section (she won this award last year for "Closer to Heaven") and Ha Ji Won has been nominated for the Best Actress Award for the TV section (여자 최우수 연기상). The nominees for Best Actor/Best Actress also get nominated for the Grand Award for the TV section (대상 = DaeSang) which is the highest award.
(Baeksang gives out each award for the Movie Section and TV section. So there are 2 Grand Awards, 2 Best Actor Awards, 2 Best Actress Awards, etc.)
The online voting for the Popular Award ended a few days ago. Ha Ji Won got 3rd place with 6.1% (behind Moon Geun Young and Ga In)

Other upcoming schedules:

Saturday, May 28
Ha Ji Won will be having ANOTHER fan signing event at Moo Deung Baseball Stadium in Gwang Ju (home of the KIA Tigers) from 2-4 PM for Cass Light.

Other updates:

Monday, May 23rd 
Ha Ji Won had a test filming for "Korea". The "crank-in" (the term used for "starting a movie"- taken from cranking the film for a camera) for "Korea" will be early June. The date keeps getting pushed back. CJ pushed back the date of release to sometime early next year. They're very busy building the set. I read somewhere that they were planning to go to Japan to film some scenes (the actual Table Tennis Championship in 1991 was in Chiba, Japan) but they decided to just stay in Korea after the earthquakes and tsunamis.

Friday, May 25th.
Earlier in the day, someone tweeted that they saw Ha Ji Won at a sauna.
Later, Ha Ji Won attended a Maroon 5 concert at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul. There were a lot of fan accounts from last night. They said Ha Ji Won was clapping and moving to the music. She left 10 minutes before the end of the concert (like at the Big Bang concert) to avoid the large crowd. Lee Jung JaeJung Woo Sung were also at the concert last night. 

In 2007, Ha Ji Won made an appearance in Sung Shi Kyung's "Blue Night" radio show and said she really liked Maroon 5. She even bought their CD.

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  1. Thank you for all the updates and news for us english speaking fans! God bless you.

  2. GRI's character in Secret Garden was not challenging for HJW. It's like her own character. Hopefully she will join in family drama at next movie. Caused she doesn't have award this year, Jo In Sung please cuddle her heart in your entire life.

  3. whoa! thanks 4 these blog! i've been really looking for an english site that will just feature HA JI WON!keep rocking... for us HA JI WON will always be a winner!

  4. i think GRI's character is quit interesting..
    and its like her own character..and i like to see ha ji woon in cute..;))..
    hope there are more movie or drama that involve ha ji woon in action like that..

  5. Its ok, to us she will always be #1

  6. ilovephilippinesMay 27, 2011 at 12:14 PM

    we really love ha ji won's character in SeGa.. she's really beautiful.. i am waiting for her next drama with hyun bin.. cute couple.. :))

  7. i just love everything about ha ji won... i've watched almost all her movies and dramas, even cf's... she makes me smile every time... i pray for secret garden part 2... please...

  8. yup!that's right,no matter what,ha ji won will always be the winner among other korean actors and actresses

  9. HJW will always be the winner in my heart even if she didn't take any awards last night...Fighting!!

  10. although she wasnt winning award but she was already winning our heart.still pround of her and always.