Friday, September 16, 2011

Ha Ji Won’s “Sector 7″ to play in select U.S. theatres!

Superstar Ha Ji Won became the talk of the town a few months back when she declared that she was tackling new blockbuster project called “Sector 7“, a movie that involved monsters, some intense action scenes, and a tough new look.

Fans of her “Secret Garden” character were thrilled at seeing Ha Ji Won bring back her fierce side for this new work, and many of us were envious of the lucky Korean fans who got to watch the movie in local theatres.

CJ Entertainment America has revealed to allkpop that “Sector 7″ will now become available to fans in the States. Starting September 16th, the movie will be playing in select theatres across the country!

“Sector 7″ will hit up cities like Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Dallas, New York, and many more, so check out the list below for details.

“Sector 7″ will be released on September 16th in the following theatres:

  • AMC Cherry Hill 24 (Philadelphia)
  • AMC Hoffman 22 (DC)
  • AMC Rio 18 (DC)
  • AMC Grapevine Mills (Dallas)
  • AMC Empire (New York)
  • AMC Ridgefield Park (New Jersey)
  • AMC Colonial 18 (Atlanta)
  • AMC Niles 12 (Chicago)
  • CGV Cinemas (Los Angeles)
 Credit: AllKPop


  1. It is hoped that When Sector 7 is shown here in Malaysia, she would come down to Malaysia to meet her fans. but looking at her tight schedule, we can only see her on the screen. God bless HJW

  2. I heard it will be in Malaysia mid-October..