Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ha Ji Won takes pictures in England

Actress Ha Ji Won recently flew to England.

On the 18th, Ha posted a picture on her agency’s official me2day account with the comment, “I’m doing fine in England. But I already miss the autumn Korean sky.”

She added, “I’m reminded of a saying. ‘I miss everyone so much who I love today and in my other lives.’”

In the picture, Ha is taking a picture of herself in the mirror with her cell phone. She is wearing a warm sweater with an accessory. She is smiling comfortably.

People responded: “You are beautiful even in England.” “I want you to comeback to Korea.” “She is a fashionista in England as well.”

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Ha Ji Won from London, "I Miss Autumn in Korea Already" 

"Ji Won-ie is doing well in the UK," said Ha Ji Won in her latest personal update on her agency Wellmade Star M's me2day account, together with an uploaded picture. In the picture she is seen lounging in a cafe, in a simple knitted top while posing for a self camera picture (selca), against a backdrop of the London streets.

She continued on her post, "It's not like I've been here for long but I'm missing the lovely autumn of Korea already.. "Between tomorrow and my next life.." - these words suddenly appear in my mind. To all who love me, I'm missing you a lot..^^"

A flurry of netizen comments included, "It's great to see you again after such a long time," "Indeed, this is what a goddess looks like in daily life," "Please return to Korea soon," "Please come back to the Korea you miss."

Earlier on Sept 15, Ha Ji Won had left for the UK for the filming and photoshoot of cosmetic brand Olay.

Source: Soompi

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