Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ha Ji Won Talks About Her Couple Ring Incident on "High Cut"

The issue of “High Cut” that was released on April 26 featured Ha Ji Won. She spoke out about the “couple ring” she was seen wearing in December 2011.

On December 2, 2011, Ha Ji Won had appeared at Yoo Ji Tae and Kim Hyo Jin’s wedding while wearing a ring on the ring finger of her left hand. A representative of the company at the time stated that they had sponsored the couple ring. Ha Ji Won stated about the couple ring, “Due to that event last year I was swept up in controversy. I had received the ring as sponsorship, but because of that incident, my agency intensified their surveillance of me.” Then Ha Ji Won stated, “I talked with my stylist and we wondered if I should wear it again.” 

Source: Soompi


  1. Simply gorgeous!I just wish that one of these days, she'll find her amazing namja and live happy.

  2. I love her to bits...she never getting envy of hoping she would wear a REAL couple ring..wanna see her to get married and live happily...

  3. I'm very sure pretty Jiwonie has a boyfriend but she is not telling and I wish her happiness with her beau

  4. Yes, I agree ... she has a special someone that makes her shine and beautiful (blooming). I guess she only wants to keep it for herself right now (privately) ... but not for long, Wonnie! ;)

    Advance happy birthday, JEON HAE RIM!
    Wishing you good health, success and happiness in life.