Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hyun Jung Hwa Requested Ha Ji Won to Portray Her for 'Korea'

The table tennis coach and gold medalist, Hyun Jung Hwa (Who is being portrayed in the upcoming film “Korea”) revealed that she directly requested to be portrayed by Ha Ji Won. Hyun Jung Hwa joined the actresses Ha Ji Won and Bae Doo Na for a “Korea” press conference.

Hyun Jung Hwa stated, “In the past I was the athlete Hyun Jung Hwa, but now I greet you as the executive director of the South Korean Table Tennis Association. I was very happy to hear that a movie would be filmed about table tennis. When the production company called about making ‘Korea,’ I even said ‘why so late?’”

She continued, “I requested that Ha Ji Won play my role. It was difficult to make the actresses into table tennis players within 3 months. The actresses were very passionate and picked up table tennis very quickly.

She also spoke about giving her North Korean partner a ring as a present.

“Korea” is based on the true story about the first united North-South Korean table tennis team at the 1991 World Championships. “Hyun Jung Hwa” received the gold medal at the event.

April 3, 2012 by: jbarky
Source: Soompi


  1. I am looking forward to buying the dvd with eng sub. What a great choice to have Ha ji-won play the role of Hyun Jung Hwa. She mastered the game from scratch to being a pro after 6 months' hard work. Ms Ha ji-won is an amazing actress and person.
    Ha ji-won's fan from Singapore

  2. Ha Ji Won is really a true artist. I'm touched with her role in Korea. And I treasure every character she's been portraying throughout her entire career. You rock Ha ji-Won !
    From Vietnam with love <3