Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ha Ji Won As The Ideal Woman for So Many Actors

On July 5th, Oh Ji Ho appeared on MBC’s Jewelry House as the guest, on that show he talked about his life and career. Before, in 2010 Oh Ji Ho stated that he’s really excited to be in one frame with Ha Ji Won on “Sector 7.” He even regretted only shared the brief kiss with her on that movie .

Then that night he’s recalling Ha Ji Won. He looked shyly when talking about her, the hosts managed to convince him to make ‘love calls video’ for Ha Ji Won. He admited that he missed Ha Ji Won. He said he wanted to meet her personally and he felt sorry because he couldn’t come to VIP Premier for her new movie “Korea” (As One) since he was really busy at that time. Oh Ji Ho hoped one day he  can work together again with Ha Ji Won on the same project, maybe on romantic comedy genre…oh i get the picture ajeossi!

Oh Ji Ho just one of  a bunch of actors who admitted adoring Ha Ji Won as an actress and as a person. The latest was Lee Seung Gi, after ending “The King 2Hearts”, on an interview Seung Gi mentioned Ha Ji Won as his ideal woman. He willingly changed his ideal woman type, from Yoona (Girls Generation) to Ha Ji Won-noona. He said not only as an actress, but also as a person Ha Ji Won was really  an attractive woman. He really loved her personality.

Then another idol, Taecyeon (2PM). Everybody in Korea knows that Taecyeon is really crazy about Ha Ji Won. He becomes so excited and nervous then his eyes are sparkling every time he talks about that actress. He’s so eager to work together with her. Actually when talking about Ha Ji Won, he reminds me of the excited puppy, he’s just so cute..

Before married, as a close friend, Go Soo also expressed his feeling towards Ha Ji Won. Besides putting Ha Ji Won as an ideal partner to work, he chose Ha Ji Won as his ideal woman to be married to.

Yeah..everybody loves Ha Ji Won, those guys absolutely caught under her charm. But too bad, we don’t have a clue about Ha Ji Won’s preference. She never mentioned even just one name about her ideal guy. But one that is certain, whoever Ha Ji Won will choose, he will make many guys broken-hearted. He’s just too lucky to get the grand prize.



  1. So true anyone ha jiwon chooses as her partner in real will be one lucky guy.she is perfect in anyway.go ha jiwon pick lee seung gi please he is the perfect match for yu.age does not matter anymore so lee seung have the courage please approach ha jiwon .just go go go!!!

  2. Ms Ha ji-won, be happy whichever path u choose. Cheers

  3. wow! they really admire ha ji won shi! yes because she's truly an admirable and adorable woman, for me i want hyun bin for her! hope they will end up together! But whoever you choose, then I will be happy because what's important for me is your happiness! I LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND GOD BLESS YOU

  4. waaaaaaa unnie! i;m so proud with u ^^