Friday, July 27, 2012

Ha Ji Won and Lee Yeon Hee for SK II

SK II 이연희 에세이 무비 4편: 멘토 하지원. 
SK II Lee Yeon Hee Essay Movie EP 4: 

Rough translation: 
Lee Yeon Hee met her mentor which is Ha Ji Won gives her advice in her new drama. Lee Yeon Hee who wants to be like Ji Won. Ha Ji Won said, "I was surprised that Lee Yeon Hee would play action in the new drama as a police officer. It's always hard when you try something for the first time. But I recommend you that you enjoy your work to satisfy what you are doing. It's important to listen other people's opinions, but you will find out that you are really brave yourself if you trust yourself." (cr: sjmorales30@soompi)

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