Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Movies are UP!!

To everyone who voted on the poll, thank you very much! 

You can now watch the movies that featured our amazing yeoja - Ha Ji Won!
First up is the 2004 Romantic comedy "Love So Divine" with Kwon Sang Woo.
Enjoy guys! Comment below on what movie you want to see next. :) Yes, it might take me sometime to hard subbed the movies but I'll try my best to have them up as soon as possible. 



  1. I already have almost all of Ha Ji Won's movie,
    One of her movie that I don't have yet is "Phone",
    I hope you can upload it , . . . .

  2. If possible, I'd like to see "Duelist." It was known for its beautiful cinematography, but I haven't been able to find one with a good enough quality to experience it. Thank you for sharing your blog!

  3. i want to watch all the movies of her,,but i couldnt,,coz some are not tranlated,,but thakns to you,,some of her movies and guesting and some other video of her,,i can watch now!!!thanks for your hard work!!!

  4. ...this blogsite is sooooo great! ...i'm a fan of her & i'd like to watch all her movies!
    ...super thanks for english translations^^,