Saturday, March 5, 2011

tvN ENews: Ha Ji Won, Kim Sa Rang Pictorial Interview [022811]

Aired: Feb. 28, 2011
tvN ENews went to Ha Ji Won and Kim Sa Rang's pictorial and interviewed both about their latest endorsements and also their recommended fashion items for this spring. 
Translations: RAINLUVER012
Timing/Typesetting: ps3hl

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  1. Thanks for sharing.. In this photo, I see that Kim Sa Rang(one of the cupids) learns to smile heartily like Ha Ji Won. When one smiles from the heart, it is different from smiling on the face.


  2. waaahhhh....what a wonderful yeoja. I can describe how much I love and proud of her, for me she always adorable. absolutely am talking the amazing woman the one and only is Ha Ji Won

  3. HJW always smile heartily..that's why i think she looks young & beautiful in all her photoshoot