Tuesday, June 21, 2011

[IMG] New 'Sector 7' Photos!!

All of us are pretty excited for Jiwonie's newest action/sci-fi film "Sector 7" which will come out in Korea this coming August, right? Don't worry, I have posted before that her movie "Sector 7" has also been sold to over 46 countries... (see here) - Awe~some!! :) Anyways, two promotional photos have been released recently... Thanks to our fellow f927 from Soompi. Our Jiwonie -- still rockin as ever! Check out the photos below. 

Also, check out the movie's trailer (with English subs, of course) here...

Image Souce: DC Gallery
Video Souce: CJENTamerica


  1. Wow! Thank you. I will surely find a way to watch Sector-7 here in the Philippines.

  2. omo. that new still of HJW really looks awesome. August can't come faster.

  3. Coolest Woman on planet earth, HA JI WON!

  4. hi!!! can I know when will her movie will be aired here in the philippines??? you can informed me in my facebook account! charmcute02@y.c just introduce yourself! thanks a lot!! :D