Thursday, June 30, 2011

[NEWS] Ha Ji-won with short hair "Only overalls"

Actress Ha Ji-won has become the 'short-haired girl'.

With the release of the movie "Sector 7" coming up, Ha Ji-won has the role of Hae-jun who fights with an unknown sea creature.

She transformed into a 'short-haired girl' with only overalls for the reason that she is a member of the crew on the oil ship.

The overalls she's wearing is something oil drillers wear to prevent friction with the oil.

The productions said, "If you think these are just ordinary overalls, you're mistaken. We had to produce about 10 for Ha Ji-won alone. The whole of "Sector 7" team have similar designs and there are overalls for fashion, action, and even wire".

Thanks to the productions efforts Ha Ji-won could perform actions scenes without trouble.

3D action blockbuster "Sector 7" is about the crew on an oil ship in the middle of the sea fighting with an unknown sea creature and is to be released on the 4th of August.

From: Hancinema
Source: Daum (Korean)


  1. if im only a man!! awsss!!! im gonna b in love on her already... hehehe fighting!

  2. She is beautiful in long hair, but in short hair she is beautiful n younger.

  3. I always admire her, she's a classic beauty with brains

  4. im so excited about this movie! :)

  5. wish that her movies are shown here in the philippines.. im sure there are a lot of fans would greatly appreciate it.. ^_^ love you HJW!!!

  6. i am from the Philippines and Ive seen the movie and its was SUPERB! i love the motorcycle scene and the ending! two thumbs up for ha ji won! sarangheo ha ji won ssi.. hope to meet you personally.. please find time to visit and meet your Filipino fans.. :)

  7. emm.. can someone tell me whats her hairstyle name???