Saturday, June 25, 2011

[IMG] New photos from "Korea" *UPDATED*

Aside from Ha Ji Won's upcoming 3D action film, Sector 7, she's currently busy preparing/filming on another movie called "Korea" where she will be playing the role of Korean table tennis champion -- Hyeon Jeong Wa. After Secret Garden, it was reported that Ha Ji Won started her training for table tennis with Hyeon training her personally. (See related article here and here) Check out some mag scans and behind the scene pictures of Ha Ji Won's upcoming sport/drama movie 'Korea'.

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 Photo credits: as labelled / DC Gall / f927


  1. Okay maybe I am biased but how is it that HJW looks GREAT in anything?

  2. she looks good everytime..anytime.. go go HA ji won ^_^

  3. wahhhh how can a girl could be such a cool???she is sooo cool.and very2 pretty

  4. i really love ha ji won sshi