Monday, June 13, 2011

[IMG] Crocodile Ladies Fan Signing Event

Last June 11th, our Jiwonie had a fan signing event for Crocodile Ladies and we got tons of photos to share to everyone. One of our friends from Soompi who lived in Korea was able to attend the event and meet our Jiwonie in person - lucky, right? I know exactly how you feel guys. :)

According to antisocialnot, she was "really very friendly, though a little reserved. Her voice was very sweet but soft.." It took her a while to meet her because there were a lot of "ajummas" (middle-aged women) waiting in line. These are the photos that antisocialnot personally took from the event!

Photo Credits: as labeled / DCGallery / ipmstyle / f927

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  1. wow.. she was so lucky.. i wish i could see unnie Ha Ji Won sshi in person..