Friday, June 24, 2011

[IMG] Jiwonie goes underwater!

Ha Ji Won will be playing Cha Hae Joon on the upcoming 3D action film, Sector 7, this August 4 and as Hancinema/News Nate mentioned on their last article about our Jiwonie, she even got licenses for scuba diving and riding a motorcycle because the character she'll be playing happens to be good at both and to quote them...
"Also, to ride a motorcycle like a whiz which is also a hobby of Hae-joon's she got a scuba diving and motorcycle license." (See full article here.)
Yet another way of showing how dedicated she is to her work. :) According to f927 (Soompi), these photos of Ha Ji Won taking her scuba diving certification in Saipan are currently trending on the news.. check it out~

Click on the images to enlarge.

Last January 2011, E-Magazine also published an article about Ha Ji Won's scuba diving in Saipan.

Credits: scubanet, E-Magazine and f927


  1. haven't dived for a loooooooong time. this makes me wanna go back underwater again....

  2. That stingray looks menacing.