Tuesday, June 21, 2011

[VID] Sector 7 on Facebook!! (rough translations)

Our friends from jiwonderland uploaded this video message from Jiwonie and the makers of her newest film, Sector 7 as they go all out on Facebook! You can check out their Facebook Page here. As for the video, I did a rough translation of what they were saying.. Please note that I AM NOT Korean. :) I only know a little about the language so my apologies if there are some errors on the translations. I will sub this clip and edit this post once all translations are 100% ok.

HJW: Hello, to all Sector 7 Facebook friends, I'm Ha Ji Won who plays Cha Hae Joon on the movie. We were constantly filming Sector 7 during summer last year and right now we're about to wrap up so I hope everyone will join us on August 4.

YJG: Director Kim Ji Hoon, Ha Ji Won-ssi, An Seong Ki sunbaenim, Oh Ji Ho-ssi, Song Sae Byeok-ssi, to all the actors, staff who worked really hard for this movie. After Haeundae, we've added a new movie genre -- Sector 7 is Korea's first 3D action blockbuster film.

KJH: I really hope that everyone will be happy with the film. We've worked on this with all our hearts and consider it as a big present so I hope you can cheer for us on Facebook.

HJW: So visit Sector 7's Facebook Page and click "LIKE" (many times?). Thank you!

HJW [Ha Ji Won] - YJG [Yoon Je Gyun, writer] - KJH [Kim Ji Hoon, director]

Video credit: jiwonderland  

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  1. annyeong!! just to inform you that because of this , we reposted the link via our secret garden pilipinas page and other sister pages.

    to date : 1,400 likers ! woot~ ^_^