Sunday, October 7, 2012

48 male celebrities name Ha Ji Won as their ideal type

It was revealed that an incredible number of male celebrities chose Ha Ji Won as their ideal type.

SBS ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’ met up with actress Ha Ji Won for an interview on their October 3rd episode. It’s been 13 years since Ha Ji Won’s debut and she’s considered to be the face of Korea‘s female action movie star.

During the interview the reporter told Ha Ji Won, “Did you know that there were 48 male celebrities who’ve named you as their ideal type over the past 13 years since your debut?” Ha Ji Won looked surprised and unable to believe the number. She stated, “That’s not possible. If that were the case, they should have told me in person.”

The reporter then revealed, “Cha Tae Hyun said he’d go see you in person no matter the time or place if you’d call him. Oh Ji Ho said it would be an honor if he could marry you”, and Ha Ji Won looked totally shocked to the fact that she never heard these things herself.


Watch raw interview clip:


Video uploaded by Nhien Huynh

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