Sunday, October 7, 2012

Actress Ha Ji Won, "Dating? I feel Like I Lived Vicariously Through a Character"

Actress Ha Ji Won expressed her thoughts about being an action star.

On SBS "One Night of TV Entertainment," Ha Ji Won commented, "I love being an action star. I continue to do it because people tell me that it is so great and awesome."

When asked what she is most scared of, she replied, "chickens. I just don't like the way that they stare at you. I am even scared of chicken toys, but I do love eating chicken."

When asked about dating, she commented, "I've seen a lot of great and good looking men and so I think that's why my expectations for men have risen. Sometimes I feel that I live vicariously through a character I am playing."

When asked what kind of actress she would like to be remembered as, she commented, there is a saying, 'actors with a scent'. I want to be an actor that can become the scent of any character. I want to be remembered as an actress who had the scent of whatever character she was playing."


Actress Ha Ji Won responds to being selected as the ideal type of 48 male celebrities

On the October 3rd broadcast of SBS‘s ‘One Night of TV Entertaniment‘, actress Ha Ji Won discussed dating and shared her thoughts of being selected by 48 male celebrities as their ideal type.

When asked about dating, she stated, “I’ve met a lot of great men while filming dramas, so I think my standards for men have risen. To be honest, I think I’ve lived vicariously. I’ve been feeling vicarious through the characters I’ve played in dramas.”

The reporter then revealed a collage of 48 male celebrities who’ve selected Ha Ji Won as their ideal type since her debut in 1999. Surprised, Ha Ji Won commented, “That’s impossible. If that’s true, then they should’ve told me in person.”

To this, the reporter revealed, “Actor Cha Tae Hyun said he’d go meet you at any time or place as long as you call him,” and “Actor Oh Ji Ho said he’d be honored if he could marry you.”

In the same episode, Ha Ji Won also confessed one of her secret fears and revealed that she’s afraid of chicken. “I don’t like chickens because I get the feeling that they’re glaring at me, but I do love eating them.”

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