Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dead Links

Hi everyone, 

For those who have been having a tough time downloading some of the subbed videos, I'm afraid my Mediafire account has been suspended and recently my old hard drive crashed and I had to change it to a new one.

I would really love to re-upload all those videos but I can't anymore since I already lost all my backup copies. I would advise everyone to download the videos from YouTube if they are still available. You can check out to help download the videos. If I have uploaded a better copy in YouTube before, Keepvid can detect it and provide you a link. You can just download the best version available.

For those who have blocked videos in their countries, you can send me an email or let me know on Twitter with the details and the link and I will try to download the videos and re-up them again from my end. I may not get back to you as soon as YOU want but I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

For those asking for new subbed videos, that would depend if our resident translators are available or not. If you like to volunteer as translators, feel free to email me. We would love to get more members to our subbing team. :)

Thank you for always visiting the blog despite the late updates and replies. We just passed 700K views!! 

Much love, ps3hl

1 comment:

  1. Oh sorry to hear that, I'm very thankful to you for all engsub clip on ur channel in youtube which help us to know what Jiwonie saying.

    Although u was late updates n replies but ur blog still the most blog 1023rs visit, so, keep fighting!!! Thank you again for all ur efforts ps3hl ^^