Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ha Ji-won's everlasting beauty from 10 years ago during "Damo"

Ha Ji-won proved that her beauty was never changing.

In a picture revealed on the 8th of October, Ha Ji-won is sitting in front of a picture of herself from "Damo" ten years ago in 2003. No matter how it is seen, there are no signs of age in her face.

This picture is from an advertisement showing the Olay Anti-Aging Cream. She is wearing a black mini dress with her hair all up and is sitting confidently in front of her picture from ten years ago.

Under the theme "Young looking complexion despite time", the shoot went on with the idea that Ha Ji-won was meeting herself from various works in the past. She looked even younger than herself in the drama "School" and movie "Fool".

Ha Ji-won is working hard to maintain her beauty even in the harsh conditions of her movie making.

Meanwhile, Ha Ji-won's Olay advertisement will be revealed on the 8th of October on the Olay homepage.

Cr: NEWSEN & HanCinema

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