Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ha Ji Won shows off a goddess look in outdoor clothes

Actress Ha Ji Won recently showed off a goddess look in chic outdoor clothes.

Working for the outdoor clothing brand Northcape as a model, she recently did a photo shoot for the 2012 winter catalog.

In the pictorial, Ha is suggesting chic outdoor clothes that are practical and easy to wear for women between the age of 25 and 35.

Ha says, “I love camping and mountain climbing, so I enjoy them whenever I have time. The clothes from Northcape are modern and classy, so they also look good with everyday clothes.”

Kim Young Man, the Outdoor Department head of Northcape, says, “Because of Ha Ji Won’s healthy image and nice figure, Northcape’s brand concept is delivered well to customers. We hope she can continuously play an important role in promoting Northcape’s brand image through various work.”

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  1. she really looks great here! jealous!

  2. yes she really looks great always! unchanging beauty! from the day she was born until now she is beautiful! that's what you call a natural beauty!