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Lee Seung Gi & Ha Ji Won - Japan Han Love ‘The King 2 Hearts’ Special

English translation:

- Reason why to act in this drama -
Seunggi: The biggest reason was my desire to work with the director. Then knowing that I would be working with my sunbaenim Ms. Ha Ji Won, I had no hesitation in participating.
Jiwon: When I first read the script I felt the subject was very fresh. The premise of a King of South Korea falling in love with a Special Forces Officer from North Korea had not appeared before in any other drama. Besides, the focus was not on the only divided country in the world, but on the path to reunification, as step by step it gradually became a reality. For this new material I chose to participate.

- Impressions of each other -
Seunggi: During the filming, I could really understand why sunbaenim (Ha Ji Won) was one of the best actresses of Korea. She was totally immersed in the drama, with great focus. To everyone surrounding her, she just radiated the responsibility of being the lead in this drama. She set such a good example for me.
Jiwon: He worked really hard, and enjoyed the work very much. We connected quickly through acting together. As the filming went on, we became more and more in sync. That’s great.

- Similarity and dissimilarity between self and the role -
Jiwon: I think I am like Hang Ah where I don’t rely much on others when I work. I am the kind who once having decided on something would boldly take action to complete it. So was Hang Ah, a very audacious lady. Rather than cute, the way she went for the marriage that would unite the South and the North, Hang Ah was more daring than me.
Seunggi: I could not relate to the parts in the beginning of the drama, where he was so mean to Hang Ah. But then, perhaps that was when the personality of Lee Seung Gi got discarded, as I gradually became fond of those tease and cruel comments to her. In the beginning, Jae Ha really hurt Hang Ah badly, so I feel Jae Ha was a really bad guy.

- To the Jae Ha when he’s this mean, how did Ms. Ha Ji Won feel?
Jiwon: There were some really annoying moments. When he said those nasty things, wasn’t he really cruel? Lee Seung Gi acted so well, so I really hated him, so much so that I wanted to punch him. And I was also amazed that he could act like that. He totally portrayed the bad guy so faithfully. So I really disliked him then.

- A last word of encouragement to each other and a message to audience -
Jiwon: (laugh) What should I say? You have anything you want to say?
Seunggi: Because of the beautiful, cute, and best actress Ha Ji Won, please do tune in to watch ‘The King 2 Hearts’.
Jiwon: I feel it’d be wonderful if Korea had a King like Jae Ha. Because of the cute and daring King played by Lee Seung Gi, please make sure to watch ‘The King 2 Hearts’.
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