Wednesday, October 5, 2011

3 elements make Ha Ji Won so adorable

September 21, 2011 by bakeun

Korean actress Ha Ji Won enjoys a high fame in both local and international entertainment sector. It has been said by the media that every production with her participation would never disappoint the audience. But what makes Ha Ji Won so adorable to both female and male audience? Here the author of this post would like to share 3 elements that Ha Ji Won possesses.

1. Extraordinary beauty
Needless to say, every fan of Ji Won should at least be attracted because of her unusual sense of beauty. In drama , Ji Won was playing the role Jin Yi, who is a famous female poet as well a Geisha in Korean history. Her eyes and smile is just lucrative and seductive, which even women would praise her at her extraordinary beauty.

2. Professional performance
Not only her beauty, her professional performance towards acting is highly appreciated by her colleagues and production teams. In drama again, in order to perform ancient Korean Geisha dance, she have been practicing days and night; and her performance has been proved to be as professional as a real dancer. In preparing for the new movie , as taking a role of the country representative on table tennis, she keeps practicing 4 hours a day. (Indeed, she has no prior knowledge on table tennis!!) in order to make her performance professional.

3. Good understanding on partner
Everytime she engaged in a drama acting, she will be often be asked the similar question: how can you develop such a good emotion and understanding with your partner (main actor)? Indeed, it is undeniable that no matter what is the background of her partner actor, she is always able to make a sparkle between her and him. In , her acts with Hyun Bin are so realistic and heart-touching that one can hardly tell that they are not a real couple. Her carefulness on studying a character’s

emotion and also, on understanding and cooperating with other actors are higly recognized by her colleagues, making her a successful actress.



  1. Hoping they will end-up with each other - Ha Ji-won & Hyun Bin!!!

  2. At last an up date miss reading HJW activies. . does anybody knows if she has a Kdrama beside Korean just miss her on a small screen SG was not enough,. .

  3. Missed reading about Ha Ji Won too. These are the 3 reasons why I am a fan!! I would also like to include that she is genuine and down to earth and not afraid the smile and laugh. :) She has it all and she still strive to be better. What an amazing actress and human being.

  4. :: ha ji won rocks!

    ...simply the BEST! love!

  5. Is there a english sub in her interview in people inside?

  6. this site is awesome!i come from hk and eng sub on video is great for me and i just finish all secret garden and all behind scene, thanks for translation! ***HJW is so charm! thank you again. =)

  7. i really love HJW everytime she giggles and laughs in her BTS of her kdrama

  8. So talented and beautiful .. :)

    *wanna ask if it's real that ha ji won and jo in sung will be casted as main characters on a new MBC drama 'The King' ?