Friday, October 28, 2011

Asics Autograph Events - Oct. 15 & 16 *More PHOTOS!*

Last Oct. 15 and 16, Ha Ji Won visited Busan, Daegu, Gumi and Chuncheon for Asics Autograph Events. Check out these photos of Jiwonie with the lucky fans who was able to meet and greet her!! :)


 Photos from ASICS Official Website

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Photo credits: as tagged / DCGall / Baidu


  1. congrats to ha ji won for her successful on her asics events love you ha ji won

  2. how i wish i met you ha ji won in time your such a wonderful person not only an actress but you are lovevable in person the way you handle the people to be happy always is that you ha ji won in person that's why i dream to go to Korea someday and also to Japan

  3. what is the model name of the purple and black shoes she's wearing? i'm planning to get one for myself :)

  4. Asics shoes, is what they're called. Though, it's a bit too expensive....