Friday, October 28, 2011

Ha Ji Won Hands Out Coal + Photos

While normally, getting coal in the winter doesn′t have a good connotation, Ha Ji Won managed to make nice and became a veritable Santa with her coal deliveries.

On October 22, Ha Ji Won held a ‘coal briquette fanmeeting’ by bringing her internet fan café 1023 in for volunteer work to deliver coal briquettes at Seoul’s Jeonwon Maeul. The volunteer work celebrated the fan café’s 12th anniversary, and took place with the help of many fans who had been preparing the event for a long time.

Jeonwon Maeul is an area which is not supported by the government, as the homes in the area are said to be ‘unauthorized’. As a result, many senior citizens who live alone and other disadvantaged peoples are left to weather the bitter winter cold on their own. The area was also hit by the Umyeonsan avalanche earlier this year, but still was unable to receive proper compensation for restoration.

A group of 50 Korean and global fan café members, chosen on a first come, first serve basis, came together with the Coal Briquettes of Love Delivery Movement to personally visit the households of Jeonwon Maeul and deliver coal briquettes along with their warm hearts.

After a simple orientation in the morning, in which they learned how to move the briquettes, the team delivered 200 briquettes per household to 14 households, and also donated an additional 100 boxes of rice and ramyeon.

Wearing the apron and gloves prepared by her fans, Ha Ji Won worked hard moving the briquettes, and although her face was soon darkened with soot and covered with sweat, she didn’t lose her bright smile and seemed to enjoy talking with her fans. During the short break, the residents of the village made a delivery of their own by giving out pajeon (green onion pancake) and ginger tea they had prepared early in the morning.

Ha Ji Won said, “I feel very good. I’m proud of my fans, who take care of the things I never thought of caring for. I believe that these little efforts will change the world to a more beautiful place, and will someday become a great strength.”

In the fanmeeting which followed the volunteer work, she gave out presents she had prepared herself, to the group of 80 fans, which included 30 additional fans who were unable to participate in the briquette delivery.

She also showed tears when she said, “I always learn from you. I am so happy to have fans who always teach me something and touch my heart.”

Ha Ji Won has wrapped up filming for the film Korea, and is currently busy with advertisement and photo spread shoots. On October 28, she will be emceeing the 2011 K-Pop Super Concert with singer Kim Hyun Joong.


 Photo Credits: as labelled / Wellmade Star M

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  1. to 1023 members congrats for this out reach and HJW. . . more power guys