Saturday, October 22, 2011

British man gets a crush on Ha Ji Won!

A British man in blonde hair got a crush on Ha Ji Won.On one of the online community websites, three photos of Ha Ji Won, a look of British man talking to Ha Ji Won drinking coffee, a look of Ha Ji Won rejecting him embarrassed, and a look of her and the British man smiling together, were released.

As these photos were taken while she was covering the beauty trends in London as a guest beauty editor for Style Magazine of OnStyle, many netizens were curious about what actually happened.

The netizens said, “since Ha Ji Won seems pretty surprised, I guess the British man is trying to ask her out maybe,” “this is Ha Ji Won’s secret date scene in London,” “I guess the Londoner fell in love with Ha Ji Won’s clean face,” “even though Ha Ji Won is rejecting him with her hand gesture, she seems happy,” and so on.

However, it was reported that this photos were taken while she was filming promotion videos for a cosmetic brand that she was modeling for. The content of this video is that a British man who fell in love with Ha Ji Won at first glance on a street in London asks her out during her break time. But Ha Ji Won had to say no after a moment of conversation with him because he was 10 years younger than her.

Ha Ji Won didn’t hate him asking her out but she had to reject him because of his age and felt sad about it. The man said, with a look on his face that he couldn’t understand why she had to reject him, “I guess she is younger than me or at my age,” making the staffs laugh.

This British man, who was a model and a would-be actor, couldn’t believe she actually was 10 years older than him. It was reported that he enjoyed the time with this Korean top actress and talked about acting with her during the short break time.

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