Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ha Ji Won is coming back on stage after 8 years.

Ha Ji Won is planning to support the debut of AA, a vocal group from her agency, at K-pop Super Concert taking place in Kwanganri Beach, Busan, on the 28th.

Ha Ji Won, hosting the show with Kim Hyun Joong on the day, will make a surprise guest appearance on AA’s stage for their debut song “Because I’m Crazy.” It’s after 8 years that she performs on stage since her regular album’s title song “Home Run” in 2003.

One of the staffs of Wellmade Star M, an agency of Ha Ji Won and AA, reported on the 28th, “Ha Ji Won is coming back on stage after 8 years since her song “Home Run.” She decided to perform on stage with AA without a second thought.”

He added, “she prepared the stage with AA’s member Woo Sang, who was in charge of their choreography, for days.”

AA is comprised of the leader Woo Sang, Aura, Joo Won, Ho Ik, and Kim Chi. They are going to perform “Because I’m Crazy” and “Okidoki” at the concert.

source: TVReport


  1. Do you have the video? I really want to watch it.

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  3. try this for the full version of the song and performance. shaky but i'm truly grateful to everyone. - rosal

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