Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ha Ji Won’s sexy looks: everyday life is like magazine photos

Style Magazine, which will be aired on the 15th, is expected to release Ha Ji Won’s everyday life in London, her magazine beauty photo shooting, and her visit to London Collection.

Through the program, we can see Ha Ji Won enjoying the scenery of London. She spends time with her friends at open-air cafes and popular restaurants, and goes shopping for unique dresses and accessories at vintage shops hidden everywhere in London. We also can see her prank and easy-going personalities through Style Magazine‘s interviews with her.

Especially she is going to become a guest beauty editor of Style Magazine this time to deliver the hot trends in London to the audience. With London Collection, which is one of the biggest 4 collections in the world, it is considered as a good opportunity to see not only the fashion in London but also the global beauty trend.

Along with the free and elegant beauty styles of London, Style Magazine will deliver more detailed and substantial information by visiting the world famous cosmetic brands’ main offices and labs.

Style Magazine, recently scouted Go Joon Hee, a fashion icon in Korea, as its new host, and renewed its style, is a style program that delivers the newest trend information for the trend-sensitive 20′s~30′s women. While fast delivering the newest trends, Go Joon Hee also gives the audience her secret style tips. The program is aired on every Saturday at 11 am.

Source: TV ReportKorea.com


  1. wow! jiwon ssi rocks!!!!

  2. Hoping & praying Mr. Hyun Bin is always watching and following all our Jiwon's activities!

  3. Ha Ji Won is a real Asian beauty.

  4. I really want her style. She's so gorgeous. Can't wait to see this program. :)