Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ha Ji Won says she wants to play a role of attractive femme fatale

Ha Ji Won attracted the audience’s attention by revealing her wish to play a role of attractive femme fatale.On SBS TV Midnight’s TV Entertainment aired on the 26th, Ha Ji Won appeared as an interviewee. To the question about her ‘role model,’ Ha Ji Won answered, “I love Meryl Streep. I dream of becoming an actress who can still play lovely roles in melodramas with overalls on even though I was aged 50 or 60.

To the question about characters that she wished to challenge, she answered, “I’d love to play a role of attractive femme fatale if I ever get a change.” To another question continued, “but you’ve never played a role of a rich woman,” she said, “I’ve been saving that kind of image in myself. It won’t be interesting if I show you too much at once. But I think it’s time for me to release some of the images that I’ve been saving,” and laughed.

At the interview, she also mentioned about her ideal type of man. She said, “I don’t like a man with deep double eyelids. I like a man who enjoys exercising,” and added, “I like a man who can do the things that I can do together.”

She continued to talk about a man that she wanted to date with, “I’d like to date with a man who can enjoy the time when we are out for a walk and who can be connected with me even though we don’t talk much.”

Meanwhile, Ha Ji Won also attracted the audience’s attention by saying the secret for her clean skin was kiwi.

Source: TV Report


  1. love the color of her lips,,,nice touch of red!

    and her hair has grown it!


  2. She could play a great Femme fatale. The man that gets her will be very lucky!!

  3. As always...she's stunning....I love this Amazing yeoja...:D

  4. you're so beautiful & Amazing HJW....

  5. She is combination of Meryl Streep & Angelina Jolie. I like to see her as an antagonist like Meryl Streep in Devils who wears Prada. Will be interesting.

  6. nice pick...she is really amazing and only choose roles that are great and marvelous!!!really love her.

  7. shes totally awesome..

  8. She is really the most talented actress i've ever seen and i think in real life Hyun Bin is the best man who will suit her. I like her very much that so being simple and humble in her identity al though she is rich, she leads an example to the whole world. Keep up Ha Ji Won and I pray that you will be Bless with the best in your life. I am not of the same nationality as yours but I love you ! ! ! !. Hope there will be part 2 of the Secret Garden.