Friday, June 1, 2012

Busy Ha Ji Won Flies in a Helicopter to ‘Korea’ Press Conference

Forget limos and flashy cars! Ha Ji Won, the main actress of the movie Korea, set to come out on May 3, flew in a helicopter to the press conference.

On May 1, Ha Ji Won rode a helicopter from Deok Jeok Island to Seoul to arrive at the special screening of Korea, held at the Central Government Complex building. She had been filming the MBC drama, The King 2Hearts in Deok Jeok Island earlier.

 To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Education Center for Unification, a special screening of the movie was held. Along with Ha Ji Won and Bae Doo Na, Hyun Jung Hwa, the director of the Korean national table tennis team, whom the movie was based on, as well as the movie director, Moon Hyun Sung, attended the event.

At the screening, Ha Ji Won revealed that in order to make the schedule, she flew over in a helicopter. She also said, “North and South Korea are the only countries in the world that are still divided. I believe that one day unification will occur, and I hope that through this movie, unification will come a little closer.”

A person involved with the film added, “Ha Ji Won had to ride a four-person helicopter from Deok Jeok Island to Seoul. The cost fee was probably not little, but Ha Ji Won was very firm on participating in this event and decided to use it.”

At the moment, Ha Ji Won is carrying out a jam-packed schedule. With her drama fully in action, it has been difficult for her to schedule in time for her movie promotions. A representative on Ha Ji Won’s staff said, “Ha Ji Won’s affections for Korea is strong, but because of the filming for her drama, she hasn’t been able to do any interviews before the movie’s release. We are planning on moving around her schedule next week to make time.”

Korea is a movie based on the true story of the 1991 National Table Tennis team, consisting of both North and South Korean players, which had success in the World Table Tennis Championship held in Chiba, Japan. 

Originally posted May 3, 2012 by Oh Mi Jung.
Translated by Grace Danbi Hong

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