Saturday, June 2, 2012

Submit your Q's for Ha Ji Won!

Amazingyeoja blog will have a correspondent in LA during the premiere of her newest movie "Korea/As One" and we might have an opportunity to ask a couple of questions to Ha Ji Won herself so we would like to ask you guys to submit your questions, if you have one, and we will pick some of them if this press conference opportunity pushes through! :)
We are compiling a list of 10 q's to ask and our correspondent will try their best to have some of those answered. Ask as many questions as you like and then we will reveal the final 10 later.

Make sure you include your name and country after your questions. You can post them on the comments section or you can tweet them and tag ( @ps3hl ) or email them to Use "HJW Fan Question" as subject.

Note: This press con is NOT confirmed yet but we want to be ready just in case. :) 


  1. ha ji won noona, is hyun bin oppa and you re still close as your chemistry in secret garden ^^

    From: frenslyn (big fan of you and hyun bin oppa )
    im from philippines

  2. As we know, as an actress Ha Ji Won eonni is really successful. Ha Ji Won eonni is not only well-known in Korea but also around the world as a great actress. Ha Ji Won eonni starred in many films and dramas, gains a lot of praises and awards for the dedication to acting, and also becomes an inspiration for many people. It can be said that Ha Ji Won eonni has everything as an actress. But besides all those achievements, does Ha Ji Won eonni still have dream (s)/ target(s) that has/have not been achieved yet (rather than as an actress, but as an ordinary woman)? How will you achieve those dreams?

    from : priska - Indonesia

  3. @ps3hl, I also have submitted my questions to your email, please check it out. Thank you

  4. I just re-read my questions. it has some typos, please edit it out. ("why supposed to be while" and "was" supposed to be "were") thank you

  5. This is my second question (if it is not possible for two questions you can choose the best one)

    In a recent interview, Lee Seung Gi (your most recent co-star in The King Two Hearts) stated that you are his ideal type, what do you think about that statement? And then after that statement, you and he filmed an additional kiss scene in Everland during the Hang Ah and Jae Ha's date, Did you feel any difference while filming that kiss scene from other kiss scenes ? we know both of you had many kiss scenes, the neck kiss, fridge kiss, first-love-story kiss, engagement kiss and the kiss when you just recovered from being shot in China, but those kiss scenes were filmed before Lee Seung Gi's statement.

    1. This question has been on my mind too since LSG mentioned his ideal type and it is a statement should not be ignored by HJW. She needs to straight this out so we can be in peace with our hearts. I am HJW silent fans, loves her dramas and movies but i also pray for her just like everyone else for her happiness. Please Ha Ji Won let us know how you feels? Thank you and we will support what ever your decision will be. Take care

  6. I would like to ask ha ji won if she have a secret boyfriend or a fiancee right now? if none, would she mind dating a younger guy with an age gap of 9 years?

  7. Hi unnie! We love a lot ur chemistry with king jae ha..if theres an offer are you willing to work again with lee seung gi in a movie /drama and why? :)
    marneh from d philippines...i love youunnie!

  8. no matter what shes doing shes always so charming,,,hope that she has another tv series to make coz i miss her already,,i really really want to se her...ohhh can someone tell me where i could watch the series of her and ji sung,,i think its from tv series 2000,,please!!!!!!

  9. watch ha ji won's best drama performance ever from memories of bali here's the link . Enjoy!

  10. HJW shi, do you have any plan to further your career to Hollywood?

    question from jas1023

  11. Dear Ha Ji Won,
    Your skin is always so great?
    You're always so ambitious where does the
    motivation comes from?
    Question from Van Nguyen from The Netherlands

  12. can you please let me know ,,where could i watch the drama series Secret and Days in the Sun,,coz i want to watch this drama..

  13. Ha ji won noona ... is there any possibility that secret garden can have a seaso 2 ??

    Frenslyn from the philippines ...
    Fighting noona ! ^^

  14. Unni Ha Ji Won will you have a movie premiere of "As One" in the Philippines? Please make it on your list. We Philippines 1023 will surely watch it.

    Saira Morales from Philippines