Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ha Ji Won's Birthday Fanmeeting

Ha Ji Won at her recently held birthday fan meeting last June 24.

Photo credits: respective owners, Amazing Couple FB


  1. can u give us some details what happened during the fanmeeting thanks

  2. Happy birthday just for you ji won. As a fan we hope that u will be more success in your career. Dont forget your fan other country (malaysia).

  3. Many Returns of the Day to beautiful Ha Ji Won, having a good rest and considering on her next project.... BTW, see you at the Mnet Awards Ceremony on Saturday nite, therefore, the fan meeting is necessary to be held early

  4. Ooops... typo error it should read Many Happy Returns of the Day.... Cheers!

  5. Darling Ha JiWon ,
    A bunch of ladies who adore you crazily especially in K2H , want to Wish you a Blessed Birthday & Hope that you find your better half , the guy of your dreams , soon.
    Wishing you God's Peace , Joy , Love & rainbows in your life!
    Please visit us in Singapore one day soon.

  6. maligayang Kaarawan( Happy bday)!!!! hajiwon-ssi from the philippines

    1. yehey! may iba pa palang pinoy ang adik kay ha ji won:) wut wut happy kaarawan ms. ha ji won! love lots♥♥♥♥

    2. ou,ndi lng ikaw,kz ako super liked dn sya.!!!!

  7. You have the BEST-toned & rockin' female body & you could wear a sack & still lool good...but We were also mentioning that, recently,you seem to absolutely love this tight bun hairdo & this roundneck fitted type of shift-dress .
    We REALLY miss seeing you in other lovely hairdos & other styles of clothes !...lOVE YA!

  8. Wishing you a blast birthday Ha Ji Won! June 28.
    I would love to see you one day or please come and visit us in Calgary. I've landed in Seoul Airport for transit many many times on my way home but never in my mind i had this kind of feeling to liking a Korean actress like you. You are awesome in Secret Garden, K2H, and many more dramas like Damo, WHIB, etc. I kind of liking your character and personality.I wish you have a long life a head of you and peace of mind and many more. Interestingly i want you to meet a good man and dont delay it Ha Ji Won. Love ya!

  9. Happy birthday to the Best actress korea has ever had.wishing you the best i& stay gorgeous always.i hope that you & lee seun gi can have another project soon since i really love your pairing with him in k2h.the best drama so fa for me & your chemistry is really awesome.

  10. Ha jiwon happy birthday!you're so great with lee seung gi in k2h i'lm wishing in real life you will end up together but i'll be contented right now to see both of ou winning the mnet award for the bet drama actress & actor .

  11. Ha jiwon happy birthday!you're so great with lee seung gi in k2h i'lm wishing in real life you will end up together but i'll be contented right now to see both of ou winning the mnet award for the bet drama actress & actor .

  12. Happy birthday dear Ji Won eonni, I love you so much Saranghae

  13. Happy birthday jiwon unnie! Hope u come n visit us in Singapore! Totally love your cuteness><!

  14. happy birthday ha ji won all the best wishes for you...........
    you'r the best:)))))))))
    a few words...
    There are very special people,
    Love always gives
    Always smile even when sad,
    Know to look at what really matters.
    If you know this person, you're lucky,
    That kind of people are almost already sold out.
    We know someone exactly like that,
    Special one with a lot of qualities,
    If you have not guessed it is you (ji won)
    Today you are celebrating your birthday,
    i wish come true all your heart desires,
    Health and happiness surround you in the heat
    And conquer every goal and every dream!
    all that and mor with Admiration
    Ilana from Israel

  15. I want to join it.
    But I'm not in Korea.

    Sharing a birthday MV to everybody.
    That's my creation.
    Hope JiWon could watch it!

  16. Saengil Chukha Hamnida Ji Won unnie. You are the best. Wish you have continuous success in the future, great health and may you find your own happiness soon. Please take care of yourself and don't injure yourself. Love from Malaysia.

  17. Happy Birthday

    Saengil Chukha Hamnida

    To You, Jiwonie :)

    Please stay healthy, happy, and funny all the time hahaha :))

    I Love You

    From Dal with Love :X

  18. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMAZING QUEEN HA JIWON! Wishing u good health, happiness, more blessings and may u find your true KING who will love u for a lifetime. YOU ARE THE BEST KOREAN ACTRESS EVER. LOVE YOU ...............

  19. :: happiest birthday! mhuahhhh!

  20. Happy Birthday. You're my favorite korean actress.Love SEGA and K2H. I still wish that HB and you will be couple in real life. Hope that HB and you will make another drama once he's out of the military. Hope you'll get awards from your previous performances. GOOD LUCK.

  21. Ha jiwon happy2 birthday!wishing you all the best life has to offer.i will look forward to your next drama i op it will be soon & hopefully with lee seung gi

  22. Happy Birthday Ha Ji Won!!!!!!!Hope you can stay young and cheerful everyday!^^

  23. HJW onnie, happy birthday :) stay healthy & pretty as alwys okay? Ily.

  24. Happy birthday JIWON, may god continue to shower you with blessings and good health, such a versatile actress and a humble person.stay positive and happy.take care

  25. Happy belatd birthday to you and have a good vacation in Philippines...personal time....Yeah!

  26. Belated Happy Birthday! For me, you are the best actress ever... the eyes, the expressions we can truly feel!

    Why do I miss you so much on your birthday and wished that LSG gave you some fab birthday wishes (love you both in TK2H)! Little did we know that you are spending your days here in PH. Hope you had a good one!