Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ha Ji Won Looks Slim and Beautiful in LA

Actress Ha Ji Won has returned to a slim beauty after taking off her sweatsuit and combat uniform. On June 6, she wrote on her Twitter, “I greeted onstage for Koreans in L.A. and people who love movies. Everyone welcomed me greatly. My heart fluttered and I had a great time. Ah, ‘Korea’ is hot. Hehe. While waiting for my greeting onstage, here’s one cut. I am so, so nervous.” Along with the tweet, she uploaded a photo of herself.

In the picture, Ha Ji Won can be seen making a V pose at the camera while having a bright smile on her face. She is wearing a white dress that really gives off a feminine feeling. Compared to the characters from the MBC drama, “The King 2Hearts,” and the movie, “Korea,” she looks very different.

Netizens said, “Ha Ji Won looks so, so pretty for the first time in a long while,” “I smile because of unni’s smile,” and “Actress Ha Ji Won..your beauty is great along with your acting are really perfect. I hope to see you in many, great works in the future.”



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