Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ha Ji Won for "As One" Premiere at CGV Los Angeles

As reported, Ha Ji Won is now in Los Angeles for the premiere of her new movie "Korea/As One"
*Updates will be added here so please check back from time to time.

This just in: We were allowed only 2 questions at the premiere. Still waiting for the recording of the Q and A.

Teaser photo from the Press Conference. 

Credits to our LA correspondents @dowotee and  @maccay419 via twitter

As tweeted by Ha Ji Won herself: LINK

OTHER PHOTOS: (Credit to owner)


  1. wonderful as always, Ha Ji Won fighting :D

  2. Beautiful hjw!!!!

  3. elegant as're the best HA JI WON!

  4. Its impossible that she doesn't have a long beeline of men after her . She MUST have!
    Someone must have captured her heart.
    Best kept Secret .
    Beautiful & serene Aura about her !
    So attractive.