Friday, June 1, 2012

TK2H PD, “Ha Ji Won is an actress that turns imagination into reality”

Actress Ha Ji Won has recently appeared as Kim Hang Ah, a special forces instructor and ‘The Flower of Unification’ as dubbed by the viewers, on the MBC drama ‘The King 2hearts’. Through the drama, Ha Ji Won has successfully reaffirmed the fact that she is an actress that knows no limits.

Ha Ji Won’s acting has always been praised for the way she becomes one with the characters that she played in each and every one of the projects she has worked on. In ‘The King 2hearts’, Ha Ji Won goes from absolute ganji to extreme cute freely in no time drawing the viewers. (ganji = slang for cool, fashionable) At the jongbangyeon (wrap party, after party), Lee Jae Gyu PD of ‘The King 2hearts’ said, “Ha Ji Won is an actress that turns imagination into reality”, highly complimenting the actress.

Ha Ji Won has played the role of the South Korean table tennis player Hyun Jung Hwa in the movie ‘Korea’ which deals with the subject matter of the first ever South Korean and North Korean unified table tennis team. Ha Ji Won also played the role of North Korean military instructor Kim Hang Ah in the drama ‘The King 2hearts’ which deals with the conflicts between South Korea and North Korea. Thanks to the actress’s great turn through both of the characters, the viewers have nicknamed her ‘The Flower of Unification’.
Ha Ji Won said, “Hang Ah is a woman who is gentle in her heart, but she is someone who is wiser than anyone on what is right and what is wrong. The fans have called Hang Ah ‘The Flower of Unification’ and to me also, she is someone precious that I will remember as ‘The Flower of Unification’”, expression much affection toward the character.

After the drama has ended, some of the viewers commented: “I am looking forward to another project of Ha Ji Won, the actress who knows no limits”, “I knew she is an actress who gives her all but wow!”, “I haven’t seen ‘Korea’ yet but I’m going to definitely have to see it because of Ha Ji Won”, “If I could marry a woman like Hang Ah, I want to run for president~~”, and “Can ‘The King 2hearts’ just keep going until the day South Korea and North Korea are unified? TT.TT.”

Source: Herald Biz via Nate
Translated by: CERIDWEN @ KPOPfever


  1. Ha jiwon is really an awesome person.she has a great personality that transcend to whatever character she portrays.ha jiwon's portrayal of kim hang h's to me mirrors ha jiwon in real life...she is not ony gorgeous & elegant but she is also a strong woman & protective to the people she cares & love.thank you for king 2 hearts & also lee seung gi he's acting is really a revelation in this drama.

  2. King 2 hearts is the best kdrama ever!ha jiwon' $ lee seung gi's pairing was a brilliant decision they really had a great on screen chemisty nobody really can tell that there's a few years gap on their just shows how versatile as an actresss ha jiwon is!

  3. ha ji won really good actress she is the goddes of all tme