Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ha Ji-won's love for "As One"

Actress Ha Ji-won showed love for "As One" even while she is abroad for a photo shoot.

Ha Ji-won is at the Sheraton Hotel in Los Cabos, Mexico for a fashion magazine photo shoot. She heard there was a location where wishes came true and she went there to wish for the success of "As One".

She posted on her Twitter on the 4th, "They say your wishes come true if you write your wish down here. Please come true~!"

She then posted a picture saying, "I am wishing for everyone's wish too. I also prayed for "As One". Fighting!"

Fans say, ""As One" fighting!", "I am such a fan, I wish you and the movie all the best" and more.

Meanwhile, Ha Ji-won is currently shooting for a fashion magazine in LA now.


Source: HJW Twitter, Hancinema and Soompi

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