Wednesday, July 27, 2011

[BLOG] Ha Ji Won will be like Angelina Jolie of Korea

It is announced that Ha Ji Won will participate a movie by director Jang Cheol Soo, ‘Hi Anna’ after ‘Korea’ on 25th of March. The details of when to start filming is to be determined, after the completion of ‘Korea’.
Director Jang Cheol Soo is most famous for his movie ‘Bedevilled’, a well acclaimed movie from 2010. Though it is only the first movie Jang has directed, ‘Bedevilled’ has won various awards in many movie events, such as Best of Bucheon, Best new director, Best actress and the list just goes on and on.

This team is sure something to look out for, a talented best new director Jang Cheol Soo, with talented and the most versatile actress, Ha Ji Won.
In ‘Hi Anna’, Ha Ji Won will play a warrior who fights in a city alone. The producer /director Yoon Jae-kyun who has worked with Ha Ji Won many times, claims Ha Ji Won will be like Angelina Jolie of Korea in this movie.

By ninja16 


  1. whoahhhhhh...AMAZING!
    she is definitely...absolutely...ANGELINA JOLIE of KOREA!

    HA JI WON is simply the BEST!


  2. She's the only one that can be angelina jolie of asia she's got the talent of doing stunt film she's physically fit she intent to do more and trained well for each movie she takes.No doubt she is the "PRIDE OF ASIA" ,the Angelina Jolie of Asia.One thing that i will tell her always be careful coz is very dangerous all of us 1023RS will always be here to support her.GODBLESS ALWAYS!!!

  3. fans no.1 Ms ha ji wonJuly 27, 2011 at 5:47 PM

    wow!!~~...i like it....ha ji won shi aka angeline jolie..both actress i love it...hahaha...ha ji won shi fighting!!~~....ur the best!!~~...

  4. ---AMazing. as what Kim joo woon said..